Ok, everybody gets to have an opinion, just like everybody gets to have some body orifices (there’s one specific orifice in mind, at the moment).

What I really wonder is did this lady(?) REALLY believe what she spoketh?!?!?
I’m going to skip the original report, in which Ms. Trotta mentions that it is the fault of the feminists who cry and whine and otherwise act like the children they are, who have convinced the PTB in the military there should be layers and layers of bureaucracy to coddle these women who shouldn’t even be in the military and who are getting “raped too much“. OMG, she really said that. Without gagging. Or giggling. Raped TOO MUCH!!! I wonder what her idea of just the right amount is.

So, of course, I turn to my old friend Jon, who always gets me to laugh, even if I’m crying inside that this was actually said, on the NEWS, by a WOMAN!!!

How dare we even expect respect, after forcing our way into the FOXholes with all our brave soldier boys, wiggling our little tushies in their faces and then acting all innocent like when they don’t stop at “NO”! I’m pretty sure they would call for a court martial if one of these little ladies were to pull a Lorena Bobbitt right there and then. But, if it were me… it would sure be worth it!!!

I don’t know how, but now I have to try and get some sleep. AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!