These are just a few inspiring videos I found today, thanks to one of my spirit sisters… for other excellent videos please go to The Daily Beast

Nancy Pelosi: Reproductive rights

Dalia Ziada: Arab Spring in Egypt

Leymah Gbowee: Women have been “Politely” silent

and shall be no more…

Lindsay Addario: War Correspondent and new mother

Women, we must speak and act what we know to be right. Now is the time. We have been “politely” silent too long, in my eyes. At any level you may find yourself in a position to speak up and/or out for what you KNOW is right. Be it against some injustice you have witnessed, be it in a classroom where equality can be undermined as well as anywhere.
This does not mean we all have to go out and buy nice new soapboxes, but you can if you want to. Not only will you be seen better, as you stand atop it, but you will look good too!!! Kidding aside, I challenge each and every woman to LOOK for, not just wait for, but LOOK for and FIND opportunities to speak out about injustice/justice, inequality/equality, lies/truth. If not us, then who?

It is easy to speak of these things in a room where all agree with our spirit and our passion and mission.

But what about when we are out in the world.
Perhaps there is a neighbor whose husband abuses her, physically, emotionally, in any way. Can we be silent?
Perhaps there is a neighbor who is in desperate need of health care, but can’t afford a life saving procedure or prescription. Can we be silent?
Perhaps you know a woman who has found her life partner and wishes to make this known to all the world, but they pass laws against it. Can we remain silent?
Perhaps your state is trying to pass a law that makes it illegal for unionized government workers to demand more pay, instead of losing it to rising their health care costs. Or to ensure there is equal pay for equal jobs. Can we remain silent?
Perhaps there is a child in your child’s class, that is homeless. Can we be silent?

Perhaps we need to share more of the things that can and must be changed, to help awaken our other selves, the ones who are afraid to speak up, but will throw themselves in front of a child to protect him/her from the bullet she knows is coming. Passion. Awaken our passion, and we cannot be kept silent.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” may have been said by a man (Ghandi), but that doesn’t make it any less true. We need to speak the change, act the change and be the change. Now. Please.