Good Day After green day, all you real and faux Irish folk out there. So have we all settled down from all the merriment? All the tomfoolery? all the foolhardiness? Or are we continuing our search for that mythical little guy with his mythical little pot with our mythical gold in it?

Well, whatever your position on the commercialization of St Patrick’s Day, and all its attendant foolishness, please, let me remind us all of the true reason for celebration; the Real story behind that giant of a man in green, the saintly Patrick of Ireland.

So, lest we forget, I submit to you, the REAL STORY behind why everything in the world turned green yesterday and we even drank of such green brewskies or whatever, in our own little green ways.

The REAL Story

And thaqnk you all for attending, this morning, or whatever part of the day it is for you!!!

Blessed be the IRISH!!!

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