Greetings, my dear friends…

now, let me just say, no one, I mean NO ONE can belt out a song like Ms Brenda Lee!!!!

the reason there’s even a hint of “sorry” in this post, is that I want all those wonderful folks I follow to know that I’m so sorry I can’t get by your blogs more often!!!Β  I just can’t help myself – when I see an awesome blog, I just MUST subscribe, so I never get to stay current with them all. But, I promise you, I do stop by every chance I get and do some catch up. I follow way too many bloggers, but I wouldn’t drop a single one!!! If you don’t believe me, check out my awesomeblogsIfollow page. Yup, I subscribe to every single one there!!! And I add to it regularly!!!

So, again, please be gentle and kind – I love you all and would not want to hurt anyone’s feelings because it feels like I have abandoned you/your blog!!!Β  NEVER!!!!

So, there’s blog I’ve recently discovered that I really want to share. It is the blog of the famous (or infamous?) Peter Parkour (you know, Parkour)… anyhoo, he has an inspirational blog on which I “like” almost everything he posts!!! Take a peek, if you get a chance!!!

And, now to close this short post of miscellany, a Senryu:

Never, shall I don
an “invisible” burka!
Silent? Never more!