Greetings, fellow sojourners…

To start our fractal dance, here is a short video through which I sat in jaw dropped awe… just amazing, to think of/see it on a micro and a macro level.

And now, for a “quick” change of pace, here are some goodies I made using Quickman, one of the easiest, coolest and FREE fractal generators out there.

Dancing with the Mandy Stars

Birth of a Smoothie

Squeeze Play

Isle of ManDelBrot

and a left over Apo, from last week’s uploads, that I really like…     Havana Noches

and, for our nightcap, here’s another awesome video… but I MUST warn you, this one might “hertz yer ears” (OK, I used that from a comment on this one!) just a little, so keep your fingers on your volume control…

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