Such a beautiful day, such a beautiful song…

Discovered this video recently – please forgive if I saw it on your blog and missed to attribute – if I did so, let me know and attribution shall be yours!

I’ve added a little twist tonight. I’ve been having this perpetual argument discussion with myself about which I like better – framed or unframed fractals. In the end, It’s really just like everything else – depends on the fractal and lots of other stuff. Well, this week, I thought to bring this question to the party and see what you all have to say on the subject. I’ll include some of the same fractals, framed and unframed. I’d love to hear what you have to say, how you feel or anything else you’d care to share…

Part of the deal for me, is I love to pull out old fractals to play around with, tweak it, add this, change that. You’d be amazed at how much you can create starting with one little image/idea/fractal. Another point, is that when framed, it is sometimes more difficult to get an evenly cropped image that looks good perfect if made into large prints. And, I’m nothing, if not a perfectionist!!

One last point. Since some of you have intimated or outright requested where prints are available for purchase, (did I mention “I love you?”) I will soon be adding specific links for specific fractals that will take you directly to that fractal in one of my commercial galleries. (Not all fractals that I’ve posted here, up to now, are even uploaded into those galleries yet, so I want to be sure all links are accurate. In the meantime, if there is a particular image you’re interested in buying from this starving artist, please, just let me know via email (it is in my gravatar profile). I’d be honored to fill any special requests ASAP. They also can be made into various other products, like coasters, note cards, puzzles and much much more.

Shameless shy self promotion done. Thanks!!!

and now, for the fractal show… (click on image to enlarge)

Level 42     (framed)                                    or                      Level 42           (unframed)

Dame MotherBoard             (unframed)              or                   Dame MotherBoard         (framed)

Lady Blue            (unframed)                          or                         Lady Blue                    (framed)

Between The Lines                  (framed)                or                      Between The Lines            (unframed)

I’ve Been Through the Desert…                                   or                I’ve Been Through the Desert…

Gnarly Blessings, Dude…                                 or                       Gnarly Blessings, Dude…

And, in parting, thank you ever so much for continuing to see what pops from my hard drive into the FridayFractalFun!!! I so enjoy creating these and just glow as I read your comments, as you name your favorites and share how they make you feel. Just so you know? THAT is why I make them – to inspire and bring joy. And even if no one said anything, I’d know someone out there was getting some pleasure, with me, with them!!!

and… one more vid for the road…

(don’t miss the sweet bass riff at 3:12…)

G’night all. Hope your weekend is special and kind. As are you!!

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