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PLEASE FORGIVE THE APPARENT TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES… I will make sure this published in FULL today!!!


Oh my goodness, I can’t believe how this week has flown right by me… it seems like only yesterday (actually, it was) that I was thinking about my friday-fractal-follies-festival post, wondering if I had enough fractals ready and straining my brain for some good music with which to set the mood… lots of time, I said to myself, it’s early in the week and there’s plenty of time, so I went after a little catchup around the blogosphere, got hardly anywhere, it seems, because I am still soooo far behind… hmmm… is that the longest sentence ever, or what!?!?!?

So, here we are, and, though I do have today’s fractals ready, I must hunt for some more “related” pings. In the meantime, here are a couple things to occupy your attention span.

First, many of you have already seen, Red‘s trailer vid to promo her upcoming book “Mantra for a Muse” (book available 09/01/2012) and it is DYNOMITE!!! Even if you’ve seen the trailer, it’s worth listening to Cat again – she has an angelic voice!!! (Not to mention her lyrical and compositional skills!)

And, I’d like to thank Morgan of The First Gates for guiding me to this next vid/tune. I have been thinking of Knopfler and Dire Straits almost every day for a couple weeks now, so this is exactly what I needed for today’s post… (spoiler – Eric Clapton is backing up Mark K by playing rhythm guitar!!!)

all righty… and now, let’s see what the fractal bucket has produced for us today…


Mantra Entwined




Of course, special credit to LizzieC for her beautiful renderings of Mantra, which I have added to a couple more fractals here.

Finally, I just want to give an update on my upcoming book (working title: My Fractal Dreams – a reference to fractals and, in part, to a Philip K Dick story about androids and dreams). It is moving along nicely, I am excited beyond description, that something from my bucket list can be crossed off. I have way more than enough images – now I have to start cutting some – that will be the hardest part!!! Stay tuned!!!

So, thanks, as always, for stopping by for some fractal love to get your weekend going. I can only hope you experience even just a touch of the pure joy it is for me to create these fractal based images.

Metta love,



revoltastateofzen: Magic Dragon

The Collect Call of Troythulu: Planet of the Fractals


So, does that phrase ring a bell for anyone? I know of at least one person my dear friend lizzie, after all, she is the person who has said that about herself!!  And guess what!?!?!? TODAY is our lizzie’s birthday!! So in honor of the woman who is delightfully (CRACKED 4/7), not broken, I’ve got here a post for a mid-afternoon mental moment. And it is all to honor that terrific artist, lizzie, who brought Mantra to life for Red‘s book “Mantra for a Muse”.

So, Lizzie… it time to grab hands and dance around and sing our happy birthday tunes to you and your lovely CRACKED (4/7) self… happy birthday for you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday DEAR lizzie, happy BIRTHDAY to you… (and many moooooorrreee).

Red at M3

El Guapo

Ginger Snaap

Linda Vernon

Ginger Fight Back

Writer Wannabe 763

And me, always late


So, to find lizzie’s secret birthday list there are clues sparsed around the blogosphere… if you look real hard, lizzie, you might just find some more clues at the preceding bloggers’ Monday posts (I know I’m bringing up the rear)…

Now, I want to talk about lizzie’s birthday gift. It is not CRACKED (4/7) it is FRACTURED. Actually could one of the first “big” words I learned. FRACTURED. CRACKED (4/7). Not broken, just cracked (4/7). Then, when I got older, I realized that a hairline fracture was a crack in my bone, not actually a broken, exactly. Just cracked. And let me tell you – that teeny weeny cracked bone HURT!!!
Anyhow, where was I… Oh yes, this very special FRACTURED FEATURE …

So, my dear lizzie, I have brought for your birthday something CRACKED (4/7), that is something  FRACTURED… I bet you are waaaayy too young to remember these, lizzie, but I hope more than a few of us grew up on these ever loving treasures…

These are really creative but cracked looks at some of the fairy tales we all knew and loved. A. J. Jacobs actually took over, cracked, fractured and rewrote 91 fairy tales. Ranging from “Jack and the Beanstalk” to “The Flying Carpet”. “Son of Snow White”, “Jack Be Nimble”, “Cutie and the Beast”, “The Prince and the Popper” The list goes on and on.

H is for        HAPPY

B is for         BIRTHDAY!!!!!!


Just in case you are totally lost and can’t find your way out of this mess,

just follow the yellow brick link


Greetings, my friends…
How is your week shaping up, as it wraps itself into the weekend?

another busy week for me… I must share some good news – I’ve been offered a book deal, for a book/collection of my art…
It’s early on yet, but a darn sweet deal it is really, I don’t think I’ve thought about much else all week!!!
What really excites me is that in doing my due diligence, it seems there are very few, if any, books of this type. That is, a book featuring some of the art of a relatively totally unknown artist.. I am nothing, if not a pioneer!!! I’m sure there are some out there, but they’re not easy to find.
Anyway, more on that to come, as it develops…

thank goodness the weather has turned itself over and now I wake in the morning pulling some light cover up to my chin. What a wonderful feeling that is!!!

And where is my head at!?!?!? How could I forget to credit lizziecracked again, for her beautiful images of Mantra!!! Thanks you so much, lizzie!!!

So time marches on, and here we are, another Friday for some freshly fired up fractals…

musically, first…

and now… let’s fractal…

Satin Pillows

Power Flower



Night Mantra



OK, folks… that’s today’s event… sure hope you enjoyed the view!!!

metta love and HUGZ



Not Quite Perfect: “Magic Kingdom

Source of Inspiration: “Nature Creating

Fractal Art

Marie Taylor, Ink: A Fractal Journey

The Mind is an Unexplored Country: Forty Days and Forty Nights

David Rakoff… RIP


Today is a good day for remembering…

RIP, Mr Rakoff… Thanks for the memories…

Huffington Post: “Saying Goodbye to One of My Favorite Writers “David Rakoff, humorist with a cynical view

NY Times, Arts Beat: “A Storyteller Who Laughed at the World and Himself

NPR: “There Is No Answer At to Why Me

Open Culture: “David Rakoff Reads Personal Story…

Amazon: David Rakoff

Good day, all… a little later than planned today, but it IS still Friday here in not-so-baking Minnesota.  Been kind of a busy week: brother-in-law home in less than a week after trippple (I know, I know) bypass surgery; sending off a young niece to university in ND; working with a friend who will be publishing a book by the end of the month or so. I don’t want to spoil any surprises there, so I’ll say no more than one of tonight’s pieces is a collaboration between myself and lizziecracked for the release of the promo trailer video for the upcoming book. ok, so now then… let’s just get on with it!!!

UPDATE! UPDATE!UPDATE: With Author permission, I happily announce that the above project of which I spake is the soon to be published book of poetry “Mantra for a Muse”, authored by Red of M3 with the outstanding assistance of her Muse Extraordinaire, Mantra. In collaboration with an awesome list of artists, and in particular with lizziecracked, who brought Mantra to life, a few of my fractals will be featured on the promo trailer video (stay tuned for details) and hopefully there will even be room for an illustration by me in the book itself. I must admit, I am more than excited at this opportunity to be “published”. But, even more, I am uber delighted that it will be as an artist, rather than as a writer/author, which has been my goal since my age was in the single digits. To be a published author, that is. The more recent goal of being a “published” artist began about 20 or so years later. And here we are today!!!

first, some tunular stuff for ya…

and something a little cheery…

and now, on with the show… I must admit some of these might (MIGHT) be reruns…

The Other Side


Mantra on Green (this is one of the collaborations by lizzie and me…


Lucid Dreams

and that’ll do it for today, dear friends. Hoping you each and everyone enjoy a pleasant weekend, whether planned or just played without plan…

peace and hugz
and metta love

Collect Call of Troythulu: “I Feel a Disturbance in the Fractals

Gregory Atkins: Cyber Krishna

Fractal Art: “Leap of Faith

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greetings, dear fractalphiles…

for our first musical interlude, since embedding is disabled, please enjoy Talking Heads: “Take Me to the River

Now, that song may even have gotten you through all today’s fractals, but just in case you need a little wind down tune, try this on for size…

I’ve taken Ultra Fractal 5 out of storage, dusted it (and myself) off, so some of today’s fractals are me getting to know UF5 again (and loving it)!!!




The Painters’ Galaxy

(you might need your Timothy Leary glasses for this one)…
Where AM I?

So, there we have it, dear readers… Having seen fractals for a while now, do you think you can tell which of these are Apo and which are UF5? There are so many other applications for generating fractals out there, but IMO, these 2 are a coupple of the best. Some newer apps (Mandelbulb and Mandelbulb3D) also, look really interesting, but I’m not quite ready to have a go with them yet.

I still have soooooo much to learn with Apo and UF5, so for now, I think I’ll develop my skills with those, rather than start a whole new learning curve for MB3D.
Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoyed your time here and I hope you have an awesome August weekend ahead of you!!

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well, have I got JUST the thing for you…

so… here ya go…

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