greetings, dear fractalphiles…

for our first musical interlude, since embedding is disabled, please enjoy Talking Heads: “Take Me to the River

Now, that song may even have gotten you through all today’s fractals, but just in case you need a little wind down tune, try this on for size…

I’ve taken Ultra Fractal 5 out of storage, dusted it (and myself) off, so some of today’s fractals are me getting to know UF5 again (and loving it)!!!




The Painters’ Galaxy

(you might need your Timothy Leary glasses for this one)…
Where AM I?

So, there we have it, dear readers… Having seen fractals for a while now, do you think you can tell which of these are Apo and which are UF5? There are so many other applications for generating fractals out there, but IMO, these 2 are a coupple of the best. Some newer apps (Mandelbulb and Mandelbulb3D) also, look really interesting, but I’m not quite ready to have a go with them yet.

I still have soooooo much to learn with Apo and UF5, so for now, I think I’ll develop my skills with those, rather than start a whole new learning curve for MB3D.
Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoyed your time here and I hope you have an awesome August weekend ahead of you!!

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