Good day, all… a little later than planned today, but it IS still Friday here in not-so-baking Minnesota.  Been kind of a busy week: brother-in-law home in less than a week after trippple (I know, I know) bypass surgery; sending off a young niece to university in ND; working with a friend who will be publishing a book by the end of the month or so. I don’t want to spoil any surprises there, so I’ll say no more than one of tonight’s pieces is a collaboration between myself and lizziecracked for the release of the promo trailer video for the upcoming book. ok, so now then… let’s just get on with it!!!

UPDATE! UPDATE!UPDATE: With Author permission, I happily announce that the above project of which I spake is the soon to be published book of poetry “Mantra for a Muse”, authored by Red of M3 with the outstanding assistance of her Muse Extraordinaire, Mantra. In collaboration with an awesome list of artists, and in particular with lizziecracked, who brought Mantra to life, a few of my fractals will be featured on the promo trailer video (stay tuned for details) and hopefully there will even be room for an illustration by me in the book itself. I must admit, I am more than excited at this opportunity to be “published”. But, even more, I am uber delighted that it will be as an artist, rather than as a writer/author, which has been my goal since my age was in the single digits. To be a published author, that is. The more recent goal of being a “published” artist began about 20 or so years later. And here we are today!!!

first, some tunular stuff for ya…

and something a little cheery…

and now, on with the show… I must admit some of these might (MIGHT) be reruns…

The Other Side


Mantra on Green (this is one of the collaborations by lizzie and me…


Lucid Dreams

and that’ll do it for today, dear friends. Hoping you each and everyone enjoy a pleasant weekend, whether planned or just played without plan…

peace and hugz
and metta love

Collect Call of Troythulu: “I Feel a Disturbance in the Fractals

Gregory Atkins: Cyber Krishna

Fractal Art: “Leap of Faith

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