Hi folks… apparently, I fell into some kind of time warp thingy, and when I came tumbling out, fortunately, I recognized where I was, just not WHEN I was! In other words, time got the best of me this week, so I am here bright and early Saturday, hastily assembling the last of the summer fractal season, with fireworks and all, if I can find any!!!

opefully, most of you will have missed the fact that I missed Friday, and WE will breeze right through these lovelies, thinking all along… “It’s Friday… it’s Friday…”

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!!! Thanks to a dear friend, I have discovered that this time warpy thingy problem only happens once in a blue moon.  Just sayin’…

MINNEAPOLIS – Clear skies overnight gave us this beautiful shot of the full moon.  Since it was officially the second full moon in the month it is referred to as the blue moon.  The last blue moon was in March 2010 and the next will in July of 2015!

and now… on with the show…






So, tttthat’s all folks… hope your weekend is happy and fun and holidayey and all that good stuff…

love and peace…