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Just a little sharing, ok? I’ve never had the joyful experience of child raising, except perhaps way back in the days of my adolescence, when my family began to fracture and I became parent-in-training to all 8 of my younger siblings. So, when a child left home for their first day of school, or to get a place of their own, or to go to college or get married – that was not part of my job as ersatz parent, or at least I didn’t really go through the deep emotions an actual parent must upon seeing their offspring take out on their own, to make their place in the world and make their mark.

Why on earth would I be bringing this up, then, since I’ve not experienced it? Well, truth is, I AM experiencing it now as I hold onto my (nearly) finished book, at least the important part, the body of it that has all my (children) fractals and their titles in it. I am having separation anxiety. But I keep reminding myself, I can’t hold on to my “kids” forever! Hard as it may be, I WILL be sending it off to my publisher, soon. There will still be details, like the ForeWord and AfterWord content, covers, etc, but though I do want them to be just right, I don’t foresee any hesitance in letting them go, knowing they will be out there to enhance the life of my dear creations. I put my heart and soul into the creation of each and every fractal I create.

They are a part of me. Sooner and sooner, now, they will be going off on their own, taking the chance of standing on their own credit and making the world a better place. OK. I’m done!

And thanks for (listening) reading. Everyone who has seen my fractals has also become a part of them, of me, so I just wanted to share. Thanks!!!

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