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And Still They Laugh…



W… is for Wednesday

L… is for Laugh




S… is for SMILE…

Good day to all…

I’m going to keep this short today, as I have been battling an ugly and awful reaction to a new med or an ugly, awful ailment… whatever it is, it ain’t fun… I’m heading right back to bed, so I hope y’all enjoy today’s show…

and a special treat…









The Collect call of Troythulu: The Frenetic Farsideof Fractals…Freaky

Not Quite Perfect: Light Waves

Taojoe: Classic Bulb MB3D

Amanda’s Imagination Run Amok: Art: Cryo Chamber-X

Dsynegrafix: Looking Down the middle

So… here we are again… I don’t know if I’ve ever told you guys, but I look forward to FractalFriday at least as much as you, you can rest assured of that. It gives me motivation to keep creating new fractals, which mostly I am compelled to do anyhow, but last year, when I took a hiatus, it was a little difficult to get back into the swing of things again… no doubt I needed that break. but I’m glad it’s over!!!

ok, here’s a little cosmic tune first…

and, perhaps, a little cosmic / comic (?) tune…





Thanks to each and every one for stopping in and taking a peek… I’m rather pleased with this week’s batch (carefully patting myself on the back so as not to break my arm)…ย  They were all quite inspired… in fact, I felt rather “taken over” while creating fractal #2, hence the title!!!

Great weekend to everyone and share some love, just for the heck of it!!!

One final question – does anyone care to share if they have a preference on the size I make these in the post? There’s a BIG difference between this size and the next, so, I’s just wonderin…? I mean you can always enlarge them, right for better viewing!?!?!?

love and hugs and balance to all…

“you may say I’m a dreamer…
but I’m not the only one…
I hope some day you’ll join us…
and the world can live as one!”
~ John Lennon


Element 90: Fractal of the day #69
Element 90: Daily Fractal #70
Not Quite Perfect: Lantern Waves
Not Quite Perfect: Blue TreadsThe Call of Troythulu: Tail of 3 Apps

“Stop Stealing Dreams”

Damn, if he isn’t right!?!?!?

Part of my “I Hate the “Get a Real Job’ Series.” All of our lives, our parents, our teachers, our friends, and now our social media are flaming this message all around us all the time.

That’s why it is SO hard to even know what our dreams are! We’ve never been encouraged to dream.

I say , with Seth, “STOP STEALING THE DREAMS!” A child knows how to dream, to use their imagination to play, to have fun, to feel pleasure in what their doing. But after a required education, there is hardly a remnant of any dreams left.

If you hear this and believe it to be true, please – DO something about it!!! Even if it’s just to try to find your own dream/passion/bliss to follow!!!

Thanks for listening…

have a great day…


Hi folks…

so… I was just thinking…

I heard about this comedian a few weeks ago, and heard that Louis CK (YAAY) was going to sell an MP3 and/or a FLAC (what, you think I know what that means!?!?!?)ย  of her set on his website… Well, since I like Louis CK, since I bought one of his shoes shows (for the price of cheap shoes?) from his website where he doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for stuff that would leave you limbless, were you to purchase it directly from Amazon, or Best Buy, or wherever…

so, I was thinking…

the other thing is, I’m broke. I have about $30 to last me the next 2 weeks. Period. But, I just shelled out $20 for gas (no, not at a Shell station, silly)ย  that should last until next SSDI payday (if I don’t go anywhere). That said, I decided I could afford the $5 Louis CK wants from me to buy this set of Tig Notaro. So, here you go, fresh from a new purchase and download and I haven’t even heard it yet…. whew… I had to take a breath there…
Anyhow, here she is, for your pleasure, allow me to introduce a “master in the art of counterintuitive comedy”, the dry and smart, Tig Notaro…

(This better be good!!!)


So, in the meantime, I did listen to it and it is very good! The above was written last Thursday and it wasn’t until a few days later I figgered out how I could upload an audio (MP3) file to my blog… I was seeing only a forest, rather than a single doggone tree!! So, after the common sense help of El Guapo, I now have the capability to share… so……

Tig Notaro

Hope this works!!!

Definitely worth the $5… and the cool thing is, Louis CK said, after I bought it, I could do whatever I wanted to do with it!!! So that’s why it’s here!!!
Open Culture for 10/11/2012

Louis CK website (I love how you create an account on his site… you hit login, and since you haven’t yet set up a password, you won’t be able to get in. So you click on “Forgot Password” and a “new” one is emailed to you… the “new” one probably has the word “stupid” in it!!!

Hi y’all… today something a little different – it’s “you get to pick your own mood” music, for you… it probably won’t take long to decide, but there’s something for the crooners and something for the screamers… enjoy! What’s your mood tonight!?!?!?

Just a little memory music, listen to as much or as little as you like…


OK, I’ve been talkin’ too much lately… so… let’s just stick to the fun fractals today… ‘K?

Oops… just one thing… my hero EG did a wonderful thing for me today and helped me BIG TIME to figger out somethin’ somethin’… so, for his awesome assistance, I said I’d make tonight’s fractals a dedicatee’s choice, and whichever one he picked would be dedicated just to him… truth is, I so appreciate what he did, iffen he wants, he can have the whole bunch dedicated to him. It’s your choice, El Guapo… and you don’t even have to tell us what you decide… it can be your secret fractal!

I’ll tell y’all all about how he came to my rescue, so to speak, next week or so – he’s an ALL right fella, in my world!!!

Now, on with the art…


Concept and image ยฉ Kim Redd
Words ยฉ Janet Russell

Spin the Strong Arm Cycle




All righty then, peeps… there we have it… no themes intended or otherwise implied…

Have a great weekend! This is the weekend I send the whole rest of the book off to the publisher and that’s good, better, best!!! We had a good chat today and we are both clearly on the same page (pun intended?) which means, this is going just how I want it to…

Fractal #2, “What Is a Fractal” is part of the Foreword section of the book, as I really want to help everyone who has any interest in fractals get to know a little more about them, without having to be a mathematician or a computer geek.ย  I hope it conveys a window into the mysteries of fractals and leaves a little light on, for whoever want to know some of the secrets of fractals. That piece was a collaboration with the talented Kim Redd. I’m so happy she’ll let me put it into the book!!!

Thanks ever so much for stopping by before, during or after your weekend. Hope you get to experience ALL the joys of a glorious autumn, wherever you are, whatever you do
Peace and hugs to everybody….

me and the cats…


Don’t forget my new page: More Starving Artists

and coming soon: Finding BuddhaKat’s Art

From Robinince’s blog, posted 10/04/2012 – it is about choices…

Saradraws said on her Black Box Warnings blog on 10/04/2012 about mental health…

Tai Huu Le’s blog Fractals: Linear Fractals or Yin Yang

A Sacred Journey: Amazing – Fractals in Nature

revoltastateofzen: Strange Fractals or Fractal Enigma

The Collect Call of Troythulu: Planet of the Fractals (FIXED THIS LINK 10/15 – sorry)

The Call of Troythulu: Pyroflexagon

Kimnam Style

David Russell and the RussellmaniaIV

A birthday celebration!!!


Good Monday to y’all… hope your weekend was pleasurable and /or productive…

This was blogged by a friend and after I watched it, it really did make me think… about where we’re headed, where we are… where we might end up…

and it was really quite well done, IMO!!!

I just thought it worth sharing and thinking about…

especially for a Monday…. something to ponder for the week…


another multi-topia concept..

Hi everybody…

I’ve got a couple things to talk about, today. There’s still some good tunes, some great fractalsย  ๐Ÿ˜‰ , but I’d like to share a couple things of interest, just for today…

First up, here’s a shameless promo for my brother’s Improv Comedy Club upcoming events, including a FREE IMPROV WORKSHOP. Do you Live in the Orlando area? Have you always wanted to be quicker on your feet when talking with friends, or even strangers? Improv is the way to go! Learning how to perform improv helps your brain take you to that place where you are quick and clever and witty and the life of the party!!!
Not only that, at their Comedy Club, if you book a show for an occasion like a birthday, wedding anniversary or the like, they will perform an improv set based on the events in the life of the celebratees. It’s loads of fun.
Even if you just want to catch a funny show, this group has been entertaining the Orlando area for some 35 or more years. They really ARE great. Here’s a link to the SAK Comedy Lab Newsletter. If you’re ever in Orlando and you have had your fill of the big Disney thingy, give these folks a try!! In fact, David (my brother) even wrote, directed and performed in one the of skits that plays for you while you wait in line for the JAWS ride. (That’s right – the one at Disney!)

OK, next item on the agenda today is the FractalFreaksForum. Some of us at DA have decided to work together in the interest of selling our art, promoting it, learning how and where and who are your friends and your not so much friends. We’ve only been in operation for a few weeks, but we already have a ton of topics like our founder’s new website is up and running Dsynegrafix is its name and it’s really cool.
I’ve already learned a lot about where to find the cheapest but quality places to buy canvases of my own work for one to one selling, and such. And I’ve found lots of websites that are really a great deal for the artist to display and sell their wares, from FAA to our very own DA.
Learning things at light speed, I’ve already posted some of my work to 2 new places and bulked up my Buddhakat’s Dazzling Zazzle Shoppe. AND, created a FB Fan Page for my Buddhakat Designs. So, I’m going to add a couple pages to and share the love on this blog o’ mine.

So, I’m going to create a page with links toย  my friends from the forum. Having joined this forum, I’ve learned the benefit of working together as opposed to being so competitive that we have to learn everything ourselves, and sometimes the hard way. Instead we’re sharing info with a like minded group of others who have maybe already checked out that website, or tried that group of art fairs, or whatever… But, I want to include YOU too. So, what I’m looking for is your artist URL, band name and website url, newest book and link to its amazon page, Goodreads url, etc. With a small thumbnail image and a brief description, if necessary.

Rather than limit it to just that small group of artists, hopefully it will grow into a grand resource page of any and all new/indie / starving artists of any genre. So, if you have a website that showcases your art, be it visual, poetry, or even a Goodreads webite for yourself, let me know the link and what it is. I’ll post it on my “Starving Artists” Page (a working title – needs work, for sure!), which is sort of already in action with my nephew’s band website.

In addition, I’m adding a page dedicated to my own work and the various places you can find it, with little thumbs of some of the fractals you have seen, some not, and even, maybe some digital art that is not even fractal based. I’m learning the ins and outs of self promotion, as an independent artist.

OK, then… enough chatter… let’s get ON with it – after all, this is FRIDAY, time for a FRACTAL FEATURE..

Safe Crackin’

Middle Earth

Elephant Tattoo




So, there you have it my fine feathered friends… I hope you have enjoyed your visit to this twilighty version of our usual FridayFractalFeature. I sure have had a ball collecting and composing it all for you!!!

Hope you have time to check out all my links… if not in one sitting, maybe two or three (some good music to bring you back)!!!ย ย ย ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

Soooooo, have a sweet weekend… I’m off to throw down a few drinks with the girls, two of whom are the Libra birthday girls I bespoke of in an earlier post…
We’re like the older crowd now, looking for the early bird dinner specials? Only we look for the early bird happy hours!!!

We’re actually going to Joe Senser’s place, for those of you not in the know, Joe’s a MN ex-jock whose wifey got herself in a little hit-and-run-somebody-died trouble back in summer last… We think he needs our $$$$, so we’re gonna help him out by hitting happy hour at maybe the last of his popular restaurants, which seem to be disappearing/closing with magical frequency.

Soooo.. here’s to ya…….CHEERS!!!!

BIG love and BIG hugs…


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