Hi y’all… today something a little different – it’s “you get to pick your own mood” music, for you… it probably won’t take long to decide, but there’s something for the crooners and something for the screamers… enjoy! What’s your mood tonight!?!?!?

Just a little memory music, listen to as much or as little as you like…


OK, I’ve been talkin’ too much lately… so… let’s just stick to the fun fractals today… ‘K?

Oops… just one thing… my hero EG did a wonderful thing for me today and helped me BIG TIME to figger out somethin’ somethin’… so, for his awesome assistance, I said I’d make tonight’s fractals a dedicatee’s choice, and whichever one he picked would be dedicated just to him… truth is, I so appreciate what he did, iffen he wants, he can have the whole bunch dedicated to him. It’s your choice, El Guapo… and you don’t even have to tell us what you decide… it can be your secret fractal!

I’ll tell y’all all about how he came to my rescue, so to speak, next week or so – he’s an ALL right fella, in my world!!!

Now, on with the art…


Concept and image © Kim Redd
Words © Janet Russell

Spin the Strong Arm Cycle




All righty then, peeps… there we have it… no themes intended or otherwise implied…

Have a great weekend! This is the weekend I send the whole rest of the book off to the publisher and that’s good, better, best!!! We had a good chat today and we are both clearly on the same page (pun intended?) which means, this is going just how I want it to…

Fractal #2, “What Is a Fractal” is part of the Foreword section of the book, as I really want to help everyone who has any interest in fractals get to know a little more about them, without having to be a mathematician or a computer geek.  I hope it conveys a window into the mysteries of fractals and leaves a little light on, for whoever want to know some of the secrets of fractals. That piece was a collaboration with the talented Kim Redd. I’m so happy she’ll let me put it into the book!!!

Thanks ever so much for stopping by before, during or after your weekend. Hope you get to experience ALL the joys of a glorious autumn, wherever you are, whatever you do
Peace and hugs to everybody….

me and the cats…


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