Howdy gang! Hope your Monday brings you oodles of joy and cyberdeals and all other things that make you smile!! Just in case not, I have a little something that might brighten your day, or at least a few minutes of it!!

I watched this guy on America’s Got Talent, voted for him every time he was up for a vote. And thanks to me (NOT) and his really special talent, he won that year.

Then a few years later, I took a trip to Vegas just to see Terry Fator or the brand new Cirque du Soleil honoring the Beatles (my forever favorite musicians)… Terry Fator won out and I’m totally happy!! Not only did we have excellent seats, second row back, just slightly to right of center (from our perspective). Terry stated right up front that it was OK to take pictures and such – you know how some of these big stars can be… well, then, after the show we got to meet him, have our pics taken with him and of course I let him know how many times I’d voted for him! He was very personable, and since we were the last in his meet and greet line, we got to chat a bit longer. Then,Β  I sat waiting for my sister who’d gone out to smoke, in a small coffee shop just on the main path. As Terry walked back to his dressing room passing me, he met my eyes and gave me a special wave, just for me!!! I felt so special, and I am totally in awe of his skill. He is AMAZING!!!

Hope you enjoy!!!

PS just a footnote on the book release: it has been pushed back to perhaps mid December. It seems my publisher is so good at breaking software (that can’t stand up to her intense requirements), without her even trying, the Library of Congress (that’s THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS, folks) had a software fail and they are still trying to get back on their feet. So, due to delay in getting out LCCN number, which MUST go hand in hand with the ISBN #’s when a book is published… Well, you see where I’m going with this. But am I BLUE about it? NO! I mean NO NOT AT ALL!!! I have full faith the book will be out soon and will be well worth the wait. Stay tuned for the rest of the story folks… most likely this will be the first public place I’ll announce its release, on that you can count!

On another Blue note ;), you may remember several years back in Santee CA (just outside of San Diego), it was a Monday, in fact it was January 29th, my birthday, and a young lady took several rifles and started blasting away at the schoolyard directly across from her home. I don’t remember the details (not important, anyway), but I have always felt it became my duty, on that very Blue Monday (I think there was a song?) when that girl took out several teachers and students (I was living in San Diego at the time), it became my duty to ensure that the only thing blue about Mondays any more would be either some humor or some beautiful art…

So, that is the purpose of the video (no blue humor, btw) above and the piece below… hope your Monday is FAR from being a sad or bad kind of blue Monday!!




The Buddhakats


B is for… blue
M is for… monday