Hi… before I get to the waiting part, here’s a word from our sponsor (jk)…

and now…. here is what I am (and I hope ALL of you are) waiting for:

Aren’t you excited? I SURE am EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See it? It says right there: Available December 2012. There’s not that many days left in December, 2012 doncha’ know…

All this week, I shall feature another waiting and excited soul’s trailer — stay tuned for more people who are/have reason to be excited too!!!
I can’t wait to share them all!!!


OK, I admit Michio Kaku IS a hard act to follow…

W is for… waiting


Video made by: Gail Thornton, the very talented!
Redmund Pro: M3, Red, the very driven
FineArtsAmerica: Buddhakat’s latest gallery – WITH a bio pic!!