Hi all…

Welcome to a special edition of Buddhakat the Blog… Today we are convening to celebrate the birthday of someone very special in the blog world, the inimitable Ms Red, from M3.

Yes, there was a rumour going round, that I, in my desire to get all the facts, verified that it is truly Red’s birthday today, January 26. That makes her of the powerful Aquarian type. One of the best thing about Aquarian women is that they have some really big cajones. And we all who know Red, know that she can stand up to anyone, man, woman or beast when she is right and she knows it! That may not seem like a compliment, but it is. That makes Red one of the movers and shakers of this world of ours. She gets the job done, whatever it takes!

This special gift for Red, then comes from our dearest memories and our soon to be present. I speak of the magical ruby red SLIPPERS



of the Wizard of Oz fame, from 1939. The Frank L Baum movie, starred the powerful Judy Garland. These slippers were the original design for the movie, but they were never actually worn in the film. They sold at auction for about half a million dollars, certainly higher than most of us could fit into our budget, yet certainly shoes worthy to be seen on the nimble feet of our birthday girl, herself, Red. (This is the design I am partial to!)

There are others out there, but, these MUST be THE Magic shoes, for Red has a wish bigger than any wish to have fulfilled, so we must find the shoes with the most magical oomph.

I submit for your perusal, the actual lovely red slippers that Ms Garland wore in the film, an early Technicolor success.



There are reportedly four pairs of the famous slippers: one pair in the Smithsonian, two in the hands of private collectors and a fourth that some jerk actually stole from poor Ms Garland.

And, of course they have been blessed with a powerful spell, that will just the thing for Red. However, our Red is a thoroughly modern woman, and probably needs a more current style of said ruby red slippers. Well, fear not! Just in time for the release of the 70th anniversary tribute in 2009 to the original film,  designers were hot on the trail of the new ruby red slippers.

So we can be sure there will be a bevy of modernized ruby red slippers. In fact, methinks these are much more up Red’s alley! And not only are they magical themselves, they also have been imbued with the powerful energy of the original ruby red slippers. If one could see magic, you would probably see it pouring off the new ruby red slippers in waves like the shimmer of heat arising from asphalt. So, feast your eyes on these newly designed versions of the ruby red slippers. I think these are MUCH more suited to the fair feet of our fair Red.

And, I have it on good authority, that the magic of these versions is so strong, it can actually bring to Red that wish that has been part of her for so long.



So, Red, on this anniversary of your wonderful arrival into our world, I offer you these lovely ruby red slippers.  They work much like the old ones did. First, select the pair that resonates most with you. I’m sure one of these will be just right.

Now, all that needs doing is for you to stand with all your loved ones surrounding you, click your heels three times and say out loud “Take me home. Take me home. Take me home.” And voila, before you know it, you and your wonderful family will be spirited away through the ether, past a dreamworld or two, to the land you have yearned for for so long. No longer will you all be in West Virginia. You will be home, where your heart is, and has been for all these years.

And we will all be on our feet cheering you along!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my sweet friend Red! May this and all of your wishes come to pass as soon as possible. May you be swathed in success, wonderful friends, more awesome grandkids, and the reputation you have already earned – the powerful woman who took the world of blogs and the world of publishing and shaped them into something that creates happiness and success for all.

Enjoy your own brilliance today, Red. You have earned the right to do just that!

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Oz the Great and Powerful: Release date 3/2013

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