Hi there…

How is your Monday going? Well and gently, I hope. Here’s a short video that might afford you some relaxation if you could use some…

The actual purpose of this post is to inform you of an event that will be taking place tomorrow, January 29 atΒ RP Logobckgrnd - 01  final-2 from 3-4PM EST. Our first live chat with the authors features Red. As you know she now has several books under her belt.
Taming the Terrible Two’s (T3) (parenting)
Mantra for a Muse (poetry)
Killing Us Softly: Becoming the Surviving Spouse of Cancer (memoir)

Red will be available for any and all questions about her books, her WIP’s, or even questions about her actual process when writing of a book!

Just visitΒ RP Logobckgrnd - 02  final-2 Tuesday, 1/29 from 3-4PM EST. Or, you could go early and leave questions if you don’t think you can be there at that time. And then later you can go back to see all the Q & A!

Thanks – hope to “see” you there!!!