I am saddened… Somehow, this doesn’t seem right.

photo from Wikipedia

photo from Wikipedia

While I did not watch the trial, or even know all the facts and what was allowed into evidence, my heart goes out to all who feel this is a travesty. Or perhaps the prosecutors should have included charges that were not necessarily “intentional” in nature, so some semblance of justice would be maintained, when the verdict came in. I think the real issue is that Mr Zimmerman even had/was carrying a gun.  If he carried, he must have intended to use it, in some manner.

I’d wager, on this all women jury of six, there was not a single black woman. I could be wrong. Is that racial profiling, for me to think that?

I’m sorry if this offends anyone (NOT my intent).

Perhaps Treyvon was lucky to escape this life, where he faced a lifetime of racial profiling, bigotry, injustice.





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