but I haven’t had any time this past week to gather some more of my lovelies, so to tide you over until I can put together a fine fractal feature, there’s this…


and for your added pleasure another little gem from Mark Fiore’s library…


Just to let you know, this week we had a marvelous memorial service for Harley Guy, fully honored by the Patriot Guard. They led the procession to Fort Snelling, our military cemetery here and HG was interred with a full 21 gun salute. At the service before, the floor was opened for anyone who wished to share. There were many sweet stories about HG’s generous spirit, his loyalty and his lust for life. One of the most beautiful services I’ve seen. It was intimate and brought together many folks from many different lifestyles!Β  RIP, HG!

back soon with your regularly scheduled fractal feature…