sometimes, links are better than words… 🙂

and sometimes, not…

I’m new to the blogosphere, relatively speaking… actually I’ve had this blog for a while… I didn’t browse or comment much, so it was pretty much written for me… now that I’ve collected an awesome list of bloggers to follow, I expect more than my eyes will see this blog (yaay!!!)… I still write it for me, but in the back of my mind there’s always that editor that reminds me that others may see this too… (don’t tell him/her how many times I used “that” in that last clause)… I hope that remains a win/win deal!!! 😉
note RE my ID pic  (no, not this one – this is the black hole I’m at the event horizon of) …  yes, that’s really me… about four decades ago… I just want everyone to know I’m still the same person I was then… trust me… (mwha-ha-ha-ha-ha)… this helps me feel that I knew back then what I know now… 😉

cheers, y’all!!!