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A beautiful book of moving and intelligent poetry.

This book, by Christy Birmingham, will be available Monday, 15Jul13, exclusively at Redmund Pro.

Trust me, this woman can write some powerful poetry!

C is for… Christy Birmingham
P is for… Pathways to Illumination
R is for… Redmund Productions

Get the book HERE.

Oh YES, folks, the conspiracy wheel is spinning out of control… the “get an education” conspiracy, that is… college, HUNH! What is it good for? It’s good for keeping the unemployed hopeful and busy while there are no (and won’t be) true “jobs” or careers of interest/worth; it’s good for the “educators” / administrators to put their hands all the way into our bank accounts, so we’ll be beholding to them longer than it takes to buy a house. It’s also good for separating the educational market, such that paying $50K to get a BA from one school can do you no good when you want to go to another “school” for your doctorate by adding more education to your handsome list.. Credits transfer between schools? HA!

This attached article (Dear Class of ‘13: You’ve Been Scammed)  is ON POINT and speaks to the foolishness involved in our higher education (don’t get me started on k-12!) scam. For decades we have been encouraged to get a better education, so we can get those higher paying jobs, have a real piece of the pie. Don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain decreasing real jobs, increasing real taxes and telling us all we have to do to escape the cycle is get a degree and show the world who we are.
Yeah right!
I can’t wait to get a minimum wage job at KFC using my proudly earned and time wasting BA! Keep me busy “learning” from virtual schools and virtual educators, so I won’t notice we are still circling the drain.
God Bless America!!!


#CONSPIRACY THEORY, but it’s TRUE!  #theeducationconspiracy #mortgageyoureducation #permanentstudent

C is for… Conspiracy Theory

E is for… Education


Cafe Comics 3

Cafe Comics 3

Come on in, have a read of Bo Lumpkin’s great stuff…  then run right over to RedmundPro to get your own free download to share and spread the word!!! FREE advertising for sharing these Cafe Comics…

Can’t get much better than that!!!


C is for… CORSAGE

Day 3 of the April 2013 AtoZ Challenge…

In my excitementI may have forgotten to mention my theme – it will be fractals, fractal art, everything fractal up to and including my new book Fractal Dreams! Have a look around my pages and such to see lots more fractals. Also, every Friday I post a FridayFractalFeature (fff, for short) for all to enjoy! Thanks for stopping by and engaging in the A to Z 2013 Challenge! This is my FIRST ever, so I’m pretty excited! So every day I will post a fractal whose title starts with the letter of the day… and perhaps other things fractal related.

C is for….

Chaos Theory – fractal geometry  – finding order in what initially appears to be chaotic.
Cloud formation and Air flow – Meteorology is one of the sciences that benefits from fractal geometry.

Corsage – today’s “C” fractal



Corsage is not in my book, Fractal Dreams, which is available exclusively at RedmundPro.

Check out all my art at the following galleries:

#fractals #AtoZChallenge #digitalart

Disclaimer: I am NOT a mathematician, so please forgive the uneducated tone of my definitions. I am an artist, so I try to explain the math of fractals to the best of my (limited)  ability.

Becoming Balanced…

This comprehensive introduction to our ethereal (or spiritual, if you prefer) self. A beautiful explanation of our wholeness!

Chakra Center

Imagine seven ‘wheels’ of energy spinning in your body along its centerline, from the base of your spine to the top of your head. These subtle energy channels each correspond to different areas of the body as well as specific life situations. They channel energy to where it’s needed, for optimal health and wellbeing.

In many ways the chakras are like intersections in a busy city. They channel traffic, and the traffic grid is designed to keep traffic flowing freely. But as we have all experienced, city traffic can easily become snarled. All it takes is one angry or insensitive driver blocking an intersection, and everything comes to a stop. Traffic ‘upstream’ from the blockage becomes an impassable domino effect of cars clogging the streets and blocking other intersections. And ‘downstream’, the streets are empty.

Check out the chakra chart below to understand your chakras better.

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It’s Christmas…

And I want to share some of my bestest gifts…


From the ever joyful Lizzie

some of MANY wonderful gifts from the FRESHLY PRESSED aFrankAngle

a little something from me…

all is well, on Christmas…

all my love, I share…


Cats and Their Friends

Here’s hoping these bring some warmth and smiles to your Monday…



(L is for LEGENDS)






CARELESS LOVE from Dark Tower movie 7:16









OPEN CULTURE: 1969 Cash – Dylan sessions




A metaphor is like a simile.  -Anonymous


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It was just another summer Friday in Oslo…

Anders Behring Breivik , who was 32 at the time, took his personal Crusade, to the street on July 22, 2011, when he launched his one-man attack/shooting spree during which he killed a total of 77 people.

He had written a 1,500 page manifesto, “2083: A European Declaration of Independence”,  and created a 12 minute long video about his beliefs, both of which he had prepared for distribution via the intern. Before he began his attacks he emailed his Manifesto to 5,700 people. In this Manifesto, Breveik blamed Marxism and the Norwegian Labor Party, for the increasing immigration of Muslims and the threats implied by such multiculturalism. Breveik called himself “a savior of Christianity” and claimed to be a member of the Knights of Templar. For years, he had been active on anti-muslim internet sites. Fueled by his long time belief that Europe was being Islamized on a major level, Breivik’s targets were leftist individuals and groups, like the kids participating in a Labor Party rally, that Friday afternoon. The victims of his one day terrorist crusade at Utøya Island ranged in age from 15 – 20. Breivik was also responsible for an earlier bombing that day, which killed 7 and wounded 15.

On Friday afternoon, July 22, 2011, about 3:00 pm, municipal workers and civil servants felt the blasts from at least one bomb that shook several government buildings in the office complex of the Einar Gerhardsen plaza, in the center of Oslo. It was a scene definitely reminiscent of Oklahoma City, with glass and debris blasting out of windows and panicked office workers scattering in all directions. The police reported that 7 were dead and at least 15 wounded in what was clearly an act of domestic terrorism.

Within only an hour later, Breveik, dressed like a uniformed police officer, invaded a summer youth camp on the island, of Utøya, about 20 miles northwest of Oslo. His targets were captive on this island, which is not a near swim from the mainland. After he shot several people on the island, he started going after those who were trying to escape in the water.

These attacks stunned the country of Norway, normally known for its peacekeeping and diplomatic activity. Oslo is the city in which the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded.

Police took Breivik into custody shortly after the incident on Utøya island. Breivik had a FB page, according to police, in which he described himself as a conservative Christian. It also identified him as a fan of the RPG’s including  World of Warcraft,  Modern Warfare 2. George Orwell’s “1984” was one of his favorite books, according to his FB info.

Breivik is attributed with a tweet on the previous Sunday, July 17, 2011, “One person with a belief is equal to the force of 100,000 who have only interests.”

Living in such a neutral country, for the most part, Norwegians were stunned and felt a heightened sense of vulnerability, after these attacks. Terrorism was immediately blamed for the warlike acts, and Muslim leaders in Norway, strongly and swiftly disavowed any connection to the events.

  • NAME: Anders Behring Breivik
  • OCCUPATION: Murderer, Terrorist, Knight of Templar
  • BIRTH DATE: February 13, 1979 (Age: 33)
  • EDUCATION: Hartvig Nissen High School, Oslo Commerce School
  • PLACE OF BIRTH: London, United Kingdom

Breveik called the police to turn himself in after the Utøya shooting:
“My name Anders Behring Breivik. I am a commander of the Norweigain resistance movement. Please could you give me the head of Delta? … Yes, I am at Utoya, I am a person who wishes to surrender. Knights Templar is the name of the organisation but we are part of the anti-communist movement. I have just carried out an operation on behalf of Knights Templar Europe and Norway.”

As of today, Breveik’s sentencing has not yet been decided. The worst sentence he could receive is 21 years in prison. Norway does not allow for the death penalty in their courts. Since he has admitted the offenses, the issue pending is his sanity. Depending on the outcome of that trial, his sentence will be handed down.

Sourced from and Related:
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