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now, let me just say, no one, I mean NO ONE can belt out a song like Ms Brenda Lee!!!!

the reason there’s even a hint of “sorry” in this post, is that I want all those wonderful folks I follow to know that I’m so sorry I can’t get by your blogs more often!!!  I just can’t help myself – when I see an awesome blog, I just MUST subscribe, so I never get to stay current with them all. But, I promise you, I do stop by every chance I get and do some catch up. I follow way too many bloggers, but I wouldn’t drop a single one!!! If you don’t believe me, check out my awesomeblogsIfollow page. Yup, I subscribe to every single one there!!! And I add to it regularly!!!

So, again, please be gentle and kind – I love you all and would not want to hurt anyone’s feelings because it feels like I have abandoned you/your blog!!!  NEVER!!!!

So, there’s blog I’ve recently discovered that I really want to share. It is the blog of the famous (or infamous?) Peter Parkour (you know, Parkour)… anyhoo, he has an inspirational blog on which I “like” almost everything he posts!!! Take a peek, if you get a chance!!!

And, now to close this short post of miscellany, a Senryu:

Never, shall I don
an “invisible” burka!
Silent? Never more!


Space – TODAY’s Frontier

“On July 20, 1969, Commander Neil Armstrong became the first man on the moon. He said the historic words,
“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

A camera in the Lunar Module provided live television coverage as Neil Armstrong climbed down the ladder to the surface of the moon.”

Photo courtesy ( Google Images)
If you were alive on July 20, 1969 and can remember that most exciting day, then you are most fortunate, indeed. If you had your eyes glued to the television, that is. Which was probably black and white. I must admit, back then, I thought it was kind of corny, that whole one step, big step  giant leap thingy. I mean really. That’s not very good poetry.

Then fast forward bzzzzzzz to now. And I think how small I thought back then. I mean the wonder and awe that I was witnessing, meant only a breath of what it means to me today. Imagine. Imagination. Those doughboys in their little white suits, just a’boppin’ around like they were little kids. They were grown men, for heaven’s sake. It WAS farking awesome.

And today, it’s nothing to see a short bit on the news about how some scientist living on the space station, LIVING ON THE SPACE STATION, for gods’ sake, took a stroll around outside to fix their TV antenna, because someone ripped off their satellite dish. I mean, where IS the wonder‽‽‽

It got lost somewhere in the shuffle of turning our attention inward, back on ourselves, on this tiny little ball of stuff called earth. To fight like bratty kids about our toys on the playground. To be the king of the hill, the one who can say,
“it’s MY oil ball and I’m taking it back home unless you let me control keep possession of it so I can charge your little asses all the money I want. Or I’m taking my oil ball and going to play with those bullies over there!”

Well, I’m saying, it’s time to GROW UP, but keep the wonder of a child and let’s explore. Let’s go up and out and see what or who is out there. I want to visit the event horizon of a black hole to see for my self the power of its gravity. I want to dig in the dirt on Mars and grok it for myself. I want to take photos out my flying vehicle windows of Saturn’s rings, see if I can get between a couple and get a panoramic shot.

Back in the day, it was the government who paid for all that fun and exploration and study and sometimes misfortune. Back then, government was who was supposed to pay for all of that. I mean, didn’t you laugh at the rich hermit old man who started his own company promising to have regular runs to the moon and back before the turn of the century? Of course we did. This isn’t some toy you can build and just jump on over to the moon. This is real science. This is important. This is the beginning of a new era, that belongs to all the people, not just the few rich who want to vacation on Mars.

Now, I don’t want to go all off into politics and partisan shit and too much government and god issues here. I just want to see us (citizens of Earth) get our shit together and focus on what is really important. Can you imagine all we can learn from further destinations in Space, other galaxies, other universes? And what we’d have to learn just to get our butts off the planet and travel that far, that fast so the folks back home who watched us leave will still be around when we come back with more news and discoveries of things and places we didn’t even know existed.

And, damn, think of all the wonderful home movies and picture albums we’d have then. To pore over, bring out at family gatherings and pass to our grandchildren so they can sit in corners, pointing and giggling at the old fashioned stuff we had to use back here in the old days, the 21st century.  Like Space Stations and Hubblescopes and such.

But, damn, wouldn’t it be worth it to open it all up for them to continue to explore and grow‽‽‽‽‽‽

Open Culture

Sagan, Carl – The Sagan Series

The Sagan Series:             YouTube      ↬  thoughtbursts

Part 1

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G’day all…
many of you may have seen this, as the video/documentary has gone viral, with over 64 million hits on YouTube and Vimeo since Monday… I’m impressed. and the first I heard of it was my “Today show highlights” email. So, share, I must…

first the TODAY show clip with the filmaker of the documentary, Jason Russell.

then, here is the documentary in question:

so, hey…
I'm very pleased to see the reaction to my reblog regarding the new, invasive TSA scanners of yesterday…
I have since discovered more information that I think important to report. This is an excerpt from an email I sent to my state’s senators in DC:

These scanners are being pushed into USA use by Michael Chertoff, former head of DHS 2005-2009. He is now co-founder of Chertoff Group, a consulting group for security and risk management. A current client is RapidScan, the company responsible for the scanners that apparently are useless. Isn’t that a “Special Interest” issue? Didn’t we use to call it despotism, or some other euphemism? At issue, then, 1) these invasive scanners are ineffective and 2) making Mr. Chertoff a very rich man. What is going on with this‽‽‽

I’ve asked them to investigate this situation, the “allegations”. I admit, I am not surprised to hear of this money angle. In fact, I think it’s as important to separate business and STATE (ie government) as it is to separate church and STATE. That’s what our country was founded on – separation of church and state.  Now, the next step is to dissolve the business/banking/money connection to government.

Say whaaaaaaat…!?!?!?!?

Ok, everybody gets to have an opinion, just like everybody gets to have some body orifices (there’s one specific orifice in mind, at the moment).

What I really wonder is did this lady(?) REALLY believe what she spoketh?!?!?
I’m going to skip the original report, in which Ms. Trotta mentions that it is the fault of the feminists who cry and whine and otherwise act like the children they are, who have convinced the PTB in the military there should be layers and layers of bureaucracy to coddle these women who shouldn’t even be in the military and who are getting “raped too much“. OMG, she really said that. Without gagging. Or giggling. Raped TOO MUCH!!! I wonder what her idea of just the right amount is.

So, of course, I turn to my old friend Jon, who always gets me to laugh, even if I’m crying inside that this was actually said, on the NEWS, by a WOMAN!!!

How dare we even expect respect, after forcing our way into the FOXholes with all our brave soldier boys, wiggling our little tushies in their faces and then acting all innocent like when they don’t stop at “NO”! I’m pretty sure they would call for a court martial if one of these little ladies were to pull a Lorena Bobbitt right there and then. But, if it were me… it would sure be worth it!!!

I don’t know how, but now I have to try and get some sleep. AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!

SOPA/PIPA: update

here’s the story of how the almighty government (Big Corporate) swooped down and busted Megaupload and its owner, Kim Dotcom, in a full on assault with SWAT, FBI, etc and all their ordinance as they swept in and had to break into Kim Dotcom’s “safe room” in order to get to him to make the arrest in New Zealand. This being the big bad “good guys” (again, Big Corporate) coming down hard on those awful internet copyright thieves like Megaupload.

then, as noted in this recent post by The Snarkist and other resources like HUFFPOST

“Less than 24 hours after the electronic equivalent of a sit-in, things got aggressive. Via a series of direct denial of service attacks, cyber-collective Anonymous — which has been referred to as a group of hacker-activists, or “hacktivists” — brought down the websites for the U.S. Department of Justice, Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), Universal Music, U.S. Copyright Office, and the FBI.”
– quote from The Snarkist post linked to above

That being a resounding volley, a *shake fist* response to the big bad “good guys” (guess who – Big Corporate) from those lowly, conniving, and downright troublemaking “hactivists”.

and I agree with The Snarkist… “this is hot,” she says, “this is fun,” say I!!!

** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
so here’s a little follow-up on SOPA/PIPA regarding Wednesday’s blackout… it doesn’t mean all is now well, but it DOES mean that we have a voice, one that will be heard… so please, keep an eye on this topic and when there is a call to action, consider, do the research and take informed action…

by visually via

remember, AWARENESS and ACTION can be the start to a better world…
thanks for checking this out…


first off, I can hardly believe that such Draconian laws are even being discussed in our 2012 lawmakers’ caves…
secondly, knowledge is power, my friends… this is a good explanation of what the repercussions of such dribble as SOPA and PIPA could mean…
NOT a pretty picture, indeed…
if you haven’t already please follow the “stop censorship” banner/link up in the right corner of my and many) posts to contact your Senators and Congressfolk and speak up for NO censorship…

thanks for listening…

what a sucker I am for cats… tell me you didn’t find this the least, little, tiny bit funny or cute!?!?!

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