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Day 22 of the April 2013 AtoZ Challenge… enjoy…

I may have forgotten to mention my theme – it is fractals, fractal art, everything fractal up to and including my new book Fractal Dreams! Have a look around my pages and such to see lots more fractals. Also, every Friday I post a FridayFractalFeature (fff, for short) for all to enjoy! Thanks for stopping by and engaging in the A to Z 2013 Challenge! This is my FIRST ever, so I’m pretty excited! So every day I will post a fractal whose title starts with the letter of the day… and perhaps other things fractal related.

V is for….
the fractal for V is: Vibraphone



Vibraphone is not in my book, Fractal Dreams, which is available exclusively at RedmundPro.

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Disclaimer: I am NOT a mathematician, so please forgive the uneducated tone of my definitions. I am an artist, so I try to explain the math of fractals to the best of my (limited)  ability.

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Whether then or now, whether right or wrong, whether won or lost, many have given their lives for their country and beliefs. We, the fortunate, enjoy the fruits of your sacrifice. We shall not forget.

… the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month…





Armistice Day American Troops in France (AP)


A is for… Armistice
R is for… Remembrance
V is for… Veterans

My only message is: PLEASE VOTE!!!!!

Election Day is Tuesday, November 6, 2012…
CU at the polls!!!


Have a great day!!!


E is for… ELECTION DAY 11/6/2012
V is for… VOTE

VAWA Infographic

ThinkProgress – The Progress Report

VAWA = Violence Against Women Act of 1994
Republicans chose to vote against a renewal of the act, created their “own” version, leaving several affected segments out of the realm of protection. Purpose? Just to flex a little (‽‽‽‽) political muscle. A partisan move, really.

So what else is new, right‽‽‽

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