In this excellent collection of some of the coolest posts from this past #april2013atoz blog challenge, Sandra Tyler has gathered some of the more interesting posts from various bloggers throughout the challenge.

Sandra browsed the over 1,000 participants in the challenge for the long haul, asked for suggestions, edited some posts down to an anthology perfected post and published them all as issue #3 of the The Woven Tale Press.

Take a peek at some of the more beautiful, unique, interesting, creative and downright funny posts that she came across that she deemed worthy to become anthologized.

Bookmark this issue’s page, give yourself time to browse it at your leisure so you get the full value of these special edition entries.

I am so glad I participated (and finished) the challenge this year. It was my first, probably NOT my last. Once I decided on my theme it was a most rewarding experiences. And tons of fun! I met many new friends along the way, both those visiting my posts and by visiting new and adventurous bloggers I might never have become aware of. I even met one (or more?) blogger from my own neck of the woods!

A Woven Tale Press #3

A Woven Tale Press #3

I’m not going to add any links to others who accepted the 2013 challenge, because you will have plenty of links and choices to catch the rest of many of the included bloggers.

So, here it is, your link to a wondrous mini adventure into the A to Z April 2013 blog challenge. The Woven Tale Press #3 (or click Woven Press image).

On second thought, to pay homage to Ms Tyler, whose concept and hard work brought us this lovely blog gift, I will link you to her blog: A Writer Weaves a Tale

Thanks a billion bunches for all the hard work all the atoz challengers took on. It would certainly take more than a year to read all the posts of all the challenge bloggers, so this issue now on the e-stands is a great place to start an exploration of the many participants for 2013.

Namaste + smiles and hugs…