Just wanted to share a recent find. As do all creatives, no doubt, I often wonder how original am I? When I encountered this series, “Everything is a Remix”, it brought the subject of creativity right up to my forebrain, where I continue this debate with myself.

I discovered this most recently, while learning the art of making fractals. After a couple years of intense fractaling, I took a break from them, and recently returned to them. With a very invigorated Muse. Some of the “new” fractals I made/make, are tweaks or manipulations of some previous work of mine. And, in fact, I and many of my friends at my favorite art site, DeviantArt (DA), are even willing to share files, scripts, or parameters (kind of like “the code” for that piece, that can be pasted into whichever fractal generator is being used) of my/their own pieces, so others may learn from them. I have learned SO much by deconstructing (reverse engineering) someone else’s parameters, and (since I NEVER can put it back the way I got it) I end up “creating”  work on my own that, if not right away, then days, months, even years later I might go back to and go “WHOA! who the fark made that‽‽‽” ” and suddenly I say “Oh, I did…”, with great wonder. And pride.

Which, on a side note, is a great idea. Putting whatever your project/medium may be aside for a while – short or long, can be the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself as an artist. Not only will you have grown, refined your skills, and thus have a new “eye” with which to view something; it is SO gratifying to see a piece of art you’ve created, read something you’ve written, etc., and look at it in wonder, impressed by that “it” factor that makes it a standout piece and realize you really ARE good!!!

But, I digress…

Since, I found Part 3, “The Elements of Creativity”, the most interesting of this series I’m posting it first. Really, each Part (episode) is not really too long, so if you should find yourself wanting more of Kirby’s latest project, I’ll also include the other parts/episodes.

Everything Is a Remix – Part 3: “The Elements of Creativity”

Everything Is a Remix – Part 1: “The Song Remains the Same”

Everything Is a Remix – Part 2: “Remix, Inc.”

Everything Is a Remix – Part 4: “Remix, Inc.”

Kirby Ferguson on VIMEO

: Kirby Ferguson on everythingisaremix

Though sourced in the UK, the general ideas are pertinent:

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