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Greetings, my friends…
How is your week shaping up, as it wraps itself into the weekend?

another busy week for me… I must share some good news – I’ve been offered a book deal, for a book/collection of my art…
It’s early on yet, but a darn sweet deal it is really, I don’t think I’ve thought about much else all week!!!
What really excites me is that in doing my due diligence, it seems there are very few, if any, books of this type. That is, a book featuring some of the art of a relatively totally unknown artist.. I am nothing, if not a pioneer!!! I’m sure there are some out there, but they’re not easy to find.
Anyway, more on that to come, as it develops…

thank goodness the weather has turned itself over and now I wake in the morning pulling some light cover up to my chin. What a wonderful feeling that is!!!

And where is my head at!?!?!? How could I forget to credit lizziecracked again, for her beautiful images of Mantra!!! Thanks you so much, lizzie!!!

So time marches on, and here we are, another Friday for some freshly fired up fractals…

musically, first…

and now… let’s fractal…

Satin Pillows

Power Flower



Night Mantra



OK, folks… that’s today’s event… sure hope you enjoyed the view!!!

metta love and HUGZ



Not Quite Perfect: “Magic Kingdom

Source of Inspiration: “Nature Creating

Fractal Art

Marie Taylor, Ink: A Fractal Journey

The Mind is an Unexplored Country: Forty Days and Forty Nights

greetings, dear fractalphiles…

for our first musical interlude, since embedding is disabled, please enjoy Talking Heads: “Take Me to the River

Now, that song may even have gotten you through all today’s fractals, but just in case you need a little wind down tune, try this on for size…

I’ve taken Ultra Fractal 5 out of storage, dusted it (and myself) off, so some of today’s fractals are me getting to know UF5 again (and loving it)!!!




The Painters’ Galaxy

(you might need your Timothy Leary glasses for this one)…
Where AM I?

So, there we have it, dear readers… Having seen fractals for a while now, do you think you can tell which of these are Apo and which are UF5? There are so many other applications for generating fractals out there, but IMO, these 2 are a coupple of the best. Some newer apps (Mandelbulb and Mandelbulb3D) also, look really interesting, but I’m not quite ready to have a go with them yet.

I still have soooooo much to learn with Apo and UF5, so for now, I think I’ll develop my skills with those, rather than start a whole new learning curve for MB3D.
Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoyed your time here and I hope you have an awesome August weekend ahead of you!!

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Hope you enjoy your visit and viewing… thanks very much for coming by…




Brava, TINY DANCER, Brava!!!

Well Woven

Related and very interesting: posted on The Call of Troythulu – a GREAT blog!!!

Also recommend: this lady (methink) does magical things with fractals and other cyberology!! (especially on freaky friday)



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Sorry, didn’t mean to get all editorial on your ass, there. Truth is, I’m still rankled over my earlier post of today. I just don’t get how a grown (?) man dares be so spiteful and adolescent in public. And what’s with his name, anyway. Was he named after Mt. Rushmore, or what ‽‽‽‽‽

Ok, enough frivolity, on with the serious pleasure of Fractally Friday, which so conveniently carries us into the practically fervent fun of the weekend.

As before, these few lovelies are created by me, myself and I. Mostly, I believe we shall feast our eyes on some simple but joyful Apos.

To make up for my little rant above, here’s a tune to listen to as you browse this set of Friday Fractals (changed from yesterday – thanks to my friends for their feedback. I was too rankled to make a good choice last night).

Let’s just get on with it, shall we?

PinWheel - WP - 002

Quadrachordia - WP - WOS - 026-00120101111202839

InFinity - WP - bd txtrd cylinders-005 rendered 1-31

tic-tac-loonie - WP - 065-088-001

introspection - WP - bc-bd asc splts-cyl--065-080-102

ok, th-th-th-that’s all folks, for now…

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