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and now for some fractals…

Once again, I thank you all for stopping by and enjoying these fractals with me… I SO enjoy making them!!! And I hope you enjoy the tunes too!

Have a great weekend, everyone!!!




Collect call of Troythulu: Phear the Pherocious Phractals

Amorina Ashton’s World of Fractals

Charles Kunkle (FraterChaos): Steampunk Radio

Ingrid Lightle (GraphicLia): Croton

Mark Eggleston (Element 90): Daily Fractal # 90

Gary (skyzyk): Lotz of Botz

2013 FractalForums Calendar: http://www.fractalforums.com/fractalforums-com-calendar-project/fractalforums…

Good day to all…

I’m going to keep this short today, as I have been battling an ugly and awful reaction to a new med or an ugly, awful ailment… whatever it is, it ain’t fun… I’m heading right back to bed, so I hope y’all enjoy today’s show…

and a special treat…









The Collect call of Troythulu: The Frenetic Farsideof Fractals…Freaky

Not Quite Perfect: Light Waves

Taojoe: Classic Bulb MB3D

Amanda’s Imagination Run Amok: Art: Cryo Chamber-X

Dsynegrafix: Looking Down the middle

Greetings, my friends…
How is your week shaping up, as it wraps itself into the weekend?

another busy week for me… I must share some good news – I’ve been offered a book deal, for a book/collection of my art…
It’s early on yet, but a darn sweet deal it is really, I don’t think I’ve thought about much else all week!!!
What really excites me is that in doing my due diligence, it seems there are very few, if any, books of this type. That is, a book featuring some of the art of a relatively totally unknown artist.. I am nothing, if not a pioneer!!! I’m sure there are some out there, but they’re not easy to find.
Anyway, more on that to come, as it develops…

thank goodness the weather has turned itself over and now I wake in the morning pulling some light cover up to my chin. What a wonderful feeling that is!!!

And where is my head at!?!?!? How could I forget to credit lizziecracked again, for her beautiful images of Mantra!!! Thanks you so much, lizzie!!!

So time marches on, and here we are, another Friday for some freshly fired up fractals…

musically, first…

and now… let’s fractal…

Satin Pillows

Power Flower



Night Mantra



OK, folks… that’s today’s event… sure hope you enjoyed the view!!!

metta love and HUGZ



Not Quite Perfect: “Magic Kingdom

Source of Inspiration: “Nature Creating

Fractal Art

Marie Taylor, Ink: A Fractal Journey

The Mind is an Unexplored Country: Forty Days and Forty Nights


Good day, dear friends and readers and visitors and everyone else…

Just a note about this piece, before you get to it…

This piece began as an analog work of art (i.e. not digital), maybe as many as 20ish years ago. For some reason, I was able to hold on to it, through several moves (some cross country) and much weeding out of stuff. Now, I realize this isn’t just any stuff, as evidenced by the fact that it survived lo those many years. Now I have the original stored/stashed away somewhere, so good… well, I can’t find it. So, having intended to convert it to digital, considering the fact the original showed the wear and tear of the years, much like myself. Hence, when I was moved to put it into the digital realm, today, I pretty much had to start from scratch. Fortunately, I think my same muse as back then sort of helped me out, and I think most of it is as complete as that one was. The beauty of this one is that it will continue to be a work in progress for me. Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible, even if I had the original in hand, because I had run out of room, and I didn’t have the limitless capacity for modification/change/growth that we enjoy today.

But, I will say, I am as proud of this, as I was of the original, all created on a 5×7 piece of cardstock, painted (pretty simply in the IRIE color palette) and then all caligraphed by my own novitiate hand. Just knowing it’s around somewhere, is enough for me.

so without further ado, I present to you (the title was an addition of recent days) THE TAO of TIME…

Thanks so much for visiting, stopping by, passing through, etc…

just so you know, this final (WIP, so sort of final) version has much inspiration from my time here and all the wonderful folks I’ve come to know and love…

So, thanks very much, for your inspiration…

                         ∞        ∞        ∞        ∞        ∞        ∞        ∞                     

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