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Just wanted to share, if you are interested. It is rather long, but my friend says they are most articulate. Many of us have made up our minds, though not all, methinks… Many of us have this issue on upcoming election ballots…

First video is Oprah’s in depth story about Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka, including some thoughts from Harris’ parents. Kind of long, but might be interesting to browse.

Second is former Minnesota governor and his wife, Jesse and Terry Ventura. This one is short.

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HRC Media on YouTube

I really cannot say any of this any better than the eloquent Julian Bond, who declares that “change comes not to those who wait, but to those who agitate”

I hope you will take/make the time to listen to this piece, so that you too, can be reminded of what our country’s constitution was and is based upon.

(Reminder: you can open this vid in another tab or window so you can continue your browsing or surfing or whatever you want to do and still get to hear these inspiring words about who and what we are – global citizens, all sharing this tiny little “pale blue dot” we call home.)

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photo by Norbert Rosing

photo from flickr by Avi Adams

photo from flickr by Avi Adams

Frederick Douglass

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