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On the Road Again…

OVER THERE AT THE M3 BLOG,  a guest post by me for Red…

Here it is… here is my guest post over at M3 Blog entitled “To Review… or Not” I hope you get a chance to head on over and have a read…
I had a specific reason for writing it, and that, of course, was to encourage any of you, my dearest peeps out there, to read my book Fractal Dreams, and the to kindly review it over there at Redmund Pro. In fact, if you are so inclined, please email me or get a hold of me in any of my various carnations and I can see you get a FREE e-copy of the book, Fractal Dreams. You can download a .pdf file of the book, which you then can enjoy, at your leisure on your very own computer or laptop or tablet or wherever you can open an Adobe .pdf file. If you email me at kppput@yahoo.com, or tweet me, or reach out and touch me in any way you can think of, I’ll get to you a FREE .pdf file of my very first ever book, Fractal Dreams. Please? I’d be ever so grateful!

Keep in mind, if you’d prefer to buy (gasp) a copy of your very own that would be even better. And, still I would ask of you to write me a review and post it to the Redmund Pro “write a review” section. To be honest, I want to see a whole bunch new reviews there, that I can then share with ayouse, my peeps on Twitter and FB and maybe even here on Buddhakat the Blog or maybe at one of my shops where my art is available to purchase in various products, like prints, stretched canvas prints, acrylic prints, metal prints, magnets, coasters, iPhone or iPad cases or even a delightful little mouse pad, if you still use one of those. I’m even going to repoen my Etsy shop for a bit, once I get it all straightened away and sell some mousepads (maybe a mug or 2) over there at my Buddhakat’s Etsy Shop (no link, it’s not actually active at the moment).

So, anyhoo, hope you can hop on over to M3 and catvch my guest post and… well, you know the rest… (I’m feeling a little excited here, with the thought that I may get some new reviews for my cute little first ever book… ok – I’ll cut it out! Quit that, Janet. Really!

And I really would like to get your permissions to repost your review on over at GoodReads too, or any other locations that pop into my head… Or you could go around looking at some of the reviews I have written for other books…

okee dokee…

…here’s a little tune to get you on your way…

bye bye for now, y’all….


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Gail Thornton

“The Regret of a Flower”
Isn’t that just the most haunting title? That is the title of a soon to be released book of poetry by Gail Thornton.

I have grown to know and like Gail, personally.  I read her other book, “Girl in the Iron Lung” (also soon to be released) and I was enthralled from the start.
It is told from the perspective of a 5 year old child. To children of that age, everything is absolute. There is no relativity with which to temper emotions and perceptions. And that is what kept me reading, eyes glued, until the very end.
Even though at first it seems that this can only end badly, by the end of the book, my heart swelled with the pride she must have felt by overcoming challenge after disappointing challenge.

Both trailers are also the creative brainchildren of this artistic and strong woman of today.

As well, Gail has an Etsy shop, Eclectic Designs and (of course) a blog of her own.

I can’t wait to read “The Regret of a Flower”. As near to tears as “Girl in the Iron Lung” brought me, I’m almost certain, I will go far beyond tearing up to full blown soulful crying of emotional depth.

RedmundPro: YouTube channel
Gail Thornton: YouTube Channel PoetSis
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G is for…        GAIL

T is for…        THORNTON

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