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For a Few Fractals…

Greetings, people, one and all…

I apologize for the delay in preparing and posting this next batch of fractals… things have been a bit overwhelming, of late. I am now a person without a vehicle, with only so-so public transportation. Yes, I sold my van, as was the plan, to a very nice couple who even let me maintain possession until they had actually sold their own car, so they didn’t have to deal with two vehicles, in a one parking spot condo downtown. So that was most kind.

In other news, my dear BIL, the Harley Guy decided to quit undergoing dialysis, its benefits were no longer worth its downs, for him. He learned that he would not be allowed back on the transplant list, so he (they) made a very courageous decision. After stopping dialysis, doctors usually say a patient has 5 to 12 days left. It was, in fact, a rapid decline and he died peacefully at home about 7 – 8 days after stopping dialysis.

My sister is a very strong woman, with lots of love and support, so hopefully she will feel this to be the relief I’m sure Harley Guy did. It was only 25 – 30 years ago that she donated one of her kidneys to Harley Guy. It was a very strong kidney and it worked out quite well for him all these years. But first, she’ll need to deal with the aloneness. They’d been together for so long they were like Siamese twins. RIP Harley Guy.

To both Harley Guy and Virgo Gal, may your days and nights be full of peace and free from pain…

So, with a tune about moving on and some fractals, I dedicate this post to HG and VG! I love you.









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All of these fractals and many many more can be found at my gallery on Deviant Art

OR check out my book Fractal Dreams, sold exclusively at RedmundPro


LaxmiJayaraj: Unfolding Shapes
z00reka: The Tree of Idleness
fraterchaos: UFO Unidentified Fractal Object

So, does that phrase ring a bell for anyone? I know of at least one person my dear friend lizzie, after all, she is the person who has said that about herself!!  And guess what!?!?!? TODAY is our lizzie’s birthday!! So in honor of the woman who is delightfully (CRACKED 4/7), not broken, I’ve got here a post for a mid-afternoon mental moment. And it is all to honor that terrific artist, lizzie, who brought Mantra to life for Red‘s book “Mantra for a Muse”.

So, Lizzie… it time to grab hands and dance around and sing our happy birthday tunes to you and your lovely CRACKED (4/7) self… happy birthday for you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday DEAR lizzie, happy BIRTHDAY to you… (and many moooooorrreee).

Red at M3

El Guapo

Ginger Snaap

Linda Vernon

Ginger Fight Back

Writer Wannabe 763

And me, always late


So, to find lizzie’s secret birthday list there are clues sparsed around the blogosphere… if you look real hard, lizzie, you might just find some more clues at the preceding bloggers’ Monday posts (I know I’m bringing up the rear)…

Now, I want to talk about lizzie’s birthday gift. It is not CRACKED (4/7) it is FRACTURED. Actually could one of the first “big” words I learned. FRACTURED. CRACKED (4/7). Not broken, just cracked (4/7). Then, when I got older, I realized that a hairline fracture was a crack in my bone, not actually a broken, exactly. Just cracked. And let me tell you – that teeny weeny cracked bone HURT!!!
Anyhow, where was I… Oh yes, this very special FRACTURED FEATURE …

So, my dear lizzie, I have brought for your birthday something CRACKED (4/7), that is something  FRACTURED… I bet you are waaaayy too young to remember these, lizzie, but I hope more than a few of us grew up on these ever loving treasures…

These are really creative but cracked looks at some of the fairy tales we all knew and loved. A. J. Jacobs actually took over, cracked, fractured and rewrote 91 fairy tales. Ranging from “Jack and the Beanstalk” to “The Flying Carpet”. “Son of Snow White”, “Jack Be Nimble”, “Cutie and the Beast”, “The Prince and the Popper” The list goes on and on.

H is for        HAPPY

B is for         BIRTHDAY!!!!!!


Just in case you are totally lost and can’t find your way out of this mess,

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