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Alice’s Restaurant

Today is the day (like ANY other day) when GRATITUDE will be at the top of our list of feelings.

Whether we’re grateful for a big hot meal cooked by and shared with family members, or a big hot meal cooked by and shared with volunteers. Or for a friend sharing their “wealth” so we can fill up our tank. Or some new and distant friends that have come and gone (MOSTLY come!) over that past some time. Or for having a roof over our head, be it for one night or many. Or many choices in our life, or even a few.

Or maybe it is 12 straight hours of football with another sport or two during commercials. Or belonging to a network or many of wonderful folks who have come together for usually a common purpose. Or perhaps that Black Friday comes early this year (let’s be sure to thank those who are working so we can shop)!

All of the above involve folks, friends that will stay with us through thick and thin. Folks, friends that we will be there for us no matter what for.

This is my big gratitude. I have met so many wonderful folks, friends, many that have touched my heart in a far deeper way than I ever expected. So much so that when one does leave this world, it hurts so hard, I am surprised someone I never met in person has became so close.

And, like Woody, I think life is just like Alice’s Restaurant. Where strange things happen and we keep on truckin’ and we meet new friends and get confused at times and even wonder what it’s all about. Well, I’m here to tell you, for me it is about all of you! Each and every one of you who are reading this message. Those I have come to know a little or a lot. Those of you who have come to know me a little or a lot.

Whether you knew me way before I began this blog, or have just now stopped in for the first time to see what this blog is. For and to all of you I am forever grateful for the opening of your hearts, minds, ears and time. For sharing your self with me, allowing me to share myself with you. That is my GRATITUDE today and every day.

But since I don’t often say or show it, today is the day I SHOUT it out to all who can hear, that my friends are the MOST important thing to me. What a sad life I would have, without the wealth of your caring, of your acceptance, of your giving spirit, of your understanding nature.

Of course, family comes under that same umbrella, or maybe it is the other way around. Mayhaps friends are now additions to family. All of us giving, sharing, caring and being.

So, this is my wish for you. That you will always have the love of friends, the friends who will love you in spite of your weaknesses. And in spite of your strengths! They just love you, because you are who you are. Sharing the memories, the dreams, the feelings, the joy, the passion, the sadness and the struggles that make up our lives.

From our home to you, Mama, Mimi and I send Thanksgiving greetings and love. (Mama and Mimi gave me permission to speak for them today, as they are busy celebrating Thanksgiving in their own special – sleeping – way.) May you always have the grace to understand, the will to share and the luxury of choices.

This goes out to all of you. Those celebrating their Day of Thanks today. Those who have recently celebrated their own Thanksgiving. And those of you who have yet to celebrate yours.

Love, Janet, Mama and Mimi



Cats and Their Friends

Here’s hoping these bring some warmth and smiles to your Monday…



ahhhh… yes…. Nancy, my friend… this is in the top of “reasons” (not that any are needed) that you are one of my dearest friends… you have a deep integrity that compels you to seek and share truth, non-biased, as in not an agenda pusher, yet fully biased, as in know the facts of all “sides” in any/every issue… I treasure your shared links, knowing I am not about to be preached at, converted by, pointed toward an agenda, but respected with truth and full media disclosure of reality, sought, rather than full media buzzwords, carefully selected to entice “validation” or “trust” as “reality”, fed to passivists, to perpetuate/encourage passiveness, whose loyalty and support are easily gained and maintained by more of the same…

one of my own sisters is, in fact, evangelical, to the point that she has told me I will go to hell if I do not “convert”… not only that, because she “loves” me and “cares what happens” to me, she is compelled to continue her conversion energy…, even having been advised that is a boundary I prefer and my clearly defining this boundary, she persists, again, because “she cares” about what I am facing, because, of course, she knows she is right and whatever I believe, she is obligated to sway me from eternal “suffering”, even, apparently, if is my own choice… and this is worrisome to me, as well, on any level that anyone or any group is motivated by such ideas… and that they claim to be powered by the sacred word “god”… an arrogance, imho, to claim to speak for their sacred “god”…

even as response to my unaware/robotic spewing some of the same buzzwords, that, in fact, do NOT say what I truly mean to say, rather act as political/social cartoonery to feed a type of prejudicious imagery I truly deplore, your sharing helps me remember to be the thinking person I am… I am blessed to have friends like you…

I hope you don’t mind that I frequently share your links in the same effort to encourage active seeking of full disclosure truth, rather than passive acceptance of non to partial truths that are easily available to those who choose not, or forget, to be the active thinking beings we are…

this is the way the Sunday “paper reading” ritual can best promote survival of our species… I see little hope along most other paths… you know, it is a little like attending a “church service” that focuses on knowledge, respect, truth, friendship… or, as I often say, peace, love, laughter and health…

now THIS is summer… waking from a full fledged sleep, windows open, me beneath the sheet, yet knowing the day will be sunny and bright and oh so comfortable…

thanks for being an angel of a friend… I am more in touch with my “higher self” when basking in your energy…

namaste to all you girls from all us girls… (as mama perches comfortably, certain I see her, atop my latest “acquisition” – a new purse – to establish her ownership of same)



orig message:contained the following links…
Be sure to check out Michelle Goldberg’s books as well–there were titles worth considering.

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