Queen of “The Gods of the Asphalt”
H. E. Ellis

Review of “The Gods of the Asphalt”
by Janet Russell

(Chapter 9)

To judge a story, ask not what it’s about, rather what is happening in it. That’s pretty much how I’d have to describe “The Gods of the Asphalt”. It’s not about a place, or a time, it’s what is happening to Sawyer, his brother, River, his dad and a myriad of other characters who populate this place and time in the middle of everywhere.

From the beginning, I’ve had mixed feelings regarding this story. I want to hurry and find out what happens to these people I’m growing fond of. But also, I fear that something awful might befall these people that suddenly matter to me. And, on top of that, if I do find out what happens, then I’ll be done with the book and won’t get to spend any more time with them.

Sawyer is our guide through this adventure. Though I’m nowhere near being one of them, I fully believe he is just like every other teenage boy in the world. From what he thinks about to what he thinks with.

And it’s not like Sawyer has a simple, uncomplicated life to deal with. His brother, River, looks nothing at all like Sawyer, or their dad. And their mom, Savannah, well, she is the complication that defines their lives.

Every day I spent with Sawyer, whether he was getting the tar beat out of him or teaching his friend Jeb how not to travel (on the basketball court), was an adventure that I couldn’t wait to get all wrapped up in. One thing I didn’t expect was that Sawyer would have such a good heart. Methinks, that is just what Sawyer didn’t expect, as well. And he’s finally getting the chance to get to discover himself. His TRUE self.

H. E. Ellis has turned out one fine first time novel. She is the Queen of “The Gods of the Asphalt”. Though, I have to wonder if maybe she IS a teenage boy.

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PS: Happily, there will be at least one more book in this “series”!

BTW – I gave it a FIVE star review on Amazon (that reads exactly like this one)!

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