Well, it is a mixed bag of sad and happy today. Let me give my shout out to all those Libra’s in my life whose birthdays are all within a week of one another…

First, there’s my mom (RIP) who passed about eight years ago now – her birthday is today…
then my younger sister celebrates one of the BIG ones on Oct. 2, that ends with a zero – – just 2 figures, now, she IS younger than I, but not by much!!!
Then my special set of musketeer (4 of us) friends with whom I have managed to still hang out since sooooo long ago, from those glory days of high school, in the all girl Catholic school, where we all graduated together and hung out with our boyfriends, and you know… all the stuff that good friends do together, including rooming together after graduating and moving out on our own… OK so TWO of them celebrate their Libra-ness, one on Sept 29 and the other, (I hope I’m right), is Oct 3. Three of us drove to Alaska, in the early 70’s, shortly after the Al-Can highway had been completed (if it even was completed then). Then. later in the decade, two of them (the 2 Libras, actually), traveled to TX and had a real fun but scary time, finding themselves in the desert one night, with some bandoleros who just might have killed them, if they’d stuck around!!

Now, on the other end of the emotion spectrum, I just found out that a dear, very dear, virtual friend from DA, died last week, at only 48 years of age, Mark was a prolific artist, and within the last year had received a whole new blazing fast mega mega mega GH and GB system, and he became even more prolific. And good. He is one of the best fractal artists I know, and even though he posted many images a day, he always titled them with his tongue deftly in cheek, but not. I REALLY miss him. He lived in the UK, and even though we never met, we got to know each other and I can honestly say, I love you Mark!!!

So, for today’s fractals, we are going to take a look at some of his outstanding work. I think he had an accident, early in his life, that somehow handicapped him, but you’d never know it seeing his art!

If you want to check out his gallery you can see all his stuff in his DA gallery. His screen name was kram666 and he loved talking about all things mystical, mythical, cosmological, astronomical and even spiritual. This entire post is dedicated to and featuring Mark, my dear, dear friend, whom I miss the hell out of already!!!

So, I hope you enjoy the images from his gallery I’ll be presenting… and just for the heck of it, one of Mark’s favorite bands was Pink Floyd, so our musical choice today says it all…


and now prepare your eyes for some MAGIC…












Mark lived with a fox family in his backyard, which he faithfully photographed for well over a year…



Mark loved quoting some of the philosophers of life:
“Nobody knows who I am or what I do. Not even I . ” ~Don Juan Matus
“Think for yourself and question authority.” ~ (?) Mark, maybe? (it was his signature)
“To learn how to use your head, you have to go out of your mind.” ~ T.Leary
“Turn on , tune in , drop out…” Timothy Leary
““There are three side effects of acid: enhanced long-term memory, decreased short-term memory, and I forget the third.” ~ Mark (?)

You are missed, Mark. I hope it is as spectacular as you’d hoped!!! But you didn’t stick around for December 21, 2012. Hmmmmm…
Comments from Mark, with one of his fractals: “Mayans used the numerical numbers 13 and 20 as the root of their numerical systems and hence, the Mayan calendar ends on which represents the number 5,126. Given that the calendar begins on August 11, 3114 BC they Mayan creation date or “fourth cycle”, 5,126 days later is 12/21/2012 marking the mysterious end of the Mayan calendaring system.”