Just sharing a few thoughts that whisped through my mind as I listened to this genius of a man (IMHO), in his uber passionate style, describe a “fascinatingly disturbing thought…” that keeps him awake at night… Will it keep you awake at night, as well?

higgs-boson, planck length, panspermia, astrophysics, grok, UFO’s, religion, evolution, gamma rays, super massive black holes, stardust, Carl Sagan, nebulae, big bang (if we’re so smart, how come we have such a stupid name for the beginning of everything?), neurotheology, Hubble, Challenger, Apollo, Hawking, pineal gland, dopamine, bath salts, Pluto, asteroid belt, amoeba, entropy, quark, LHC, Robert Heinlen, magnetetosphere, F=G (m_1 m_2)/r^2, Schroedinger…

Finally, just a little something that had me a’pondering…

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