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Reviewed by Janet Russell
Kindle format and Paperback format available on many online sellers, including Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Half.com, Kobo, and many others online booksellers.

Reading this book felt Just like having a conversation with a friend after work… yes, a bit one sided, but Robert’s style is so friendly that with each story or anecdote, he draws me in, so I could become part of the story.



I enjoyed the story separations, which made it easy to stop and start again, reading in little spurts which is often my style.

I love the honest feelings he presented about the not so politically correct guests he had to work with. The stories were told in an easy friendly manner, engaging me in the very experiences he was undergoing!

There were lots of cliches in the book, but that’s the whole point of it. Robert wanted to show the reader that these cliche people really do exist!

And finally, Robert ended with a little of his homespun wisdom on various subjects from comic books, parenting, grocery shopping while hungry, Reality TV, and today’s hero’s for our kids to politics and human nature.

You gotta read this book! It’s warm and friendly, and funny and every point he makes will make you go “Yeah, I’ve always thought that too!”  It’s a feel good book in which we can all commiserate about the funny nature of our fellow human beings.

Thanks, Robert (he goes by The Hook on his blog You’ve Been Hooked) for a very entertaining time!

Oh, and for a Canadian, he’s all right in my eyes!


You’ve Been Hooked
The Book of Terrible

BuddhaKat UpDate…

My babies


BuddhaKat Update
(last Update titled: “Angst”)

(Whispering voices)
“Get it now? first A, then B, then…”
“ssssshshshshshsh! Can’t you see we’re on, here”
“OMG, I’m gettin’ outta here…”
“oooowwww, did ya have to use that prop gun? It’s NOT funny anymore”

(Names have been disguised to protect me.)

Howdy y’all…

(“I too, am in disguy’s… nevermind”)
(“teeheeteehee – shshshshshshsh”)
Just a brief update on the state of this SSDI recipient’s job hunt, otherwise known as The Waiting Games  by BuddhaKat (soon to be released as a feature film, directed by the author.)

Just this past week, I completed an online class (2 – 4 hour days) on Space Travel with JLRI College. As you may remember (or not), JLRI is Just Living Real Institute, or, as I affectionately call them LSDI – Last Stop for the Destitute Institute. I took the class as part of the process after I submitted an application for new(?) positions they have available at JustAnotherJob as a WillActHungry (WAH) trippple agent at the Agency Center for Alien Intelligence (ACAI).

Having passed that online course (3rd of 3, so far), I am now eligible for the next step, which is (drum roll, please)  “The Interview”. JLRI is a quality .org, and my only displeasure with them, at present, is in their communication (or lack thereof) regarding actual time frames for the equation [A + ‽x‽= B], where A = me (destitute) and B = me (happily supplementing my SSDI such that I can -)

  • Eat
  • Afford all my meds and supplemental and Medicare insurance premiums
  • Not become homeless
  • Not (yet) having to sell my van (which would only be because it’s taking so friggin’ long to get from A to B and I’d need the funds of said sale to carry me until said B is said DONE).
  • Move on to things that REALLY make life worth living.

So, in the happy email from the JLRI Ombudsperson (aboot her “title”, I’ve been told airquote “it is what it is” airquote) advising that I had passed the course, she tempered the good news with a slap of reality, in that, it could take up to 10 days to be contacted for an interview. I think she meant am assuming that once contacted, it could be months-years before an interview can actually be scheduled. That would be, I believe, an interview with the ACAI peeps.

Optimist that I am, I have no worry that I can sell my extensive knowledge and skillset, such that they would immediately realize what an asset I would be to their organization and hire me on the spot.

Pessimist that I am, I have all kinds of angst (“sshhhhhhhhhhhh”) as to the amount of time it will actually take to complete the A + ‽x‽= B  equation, as set forth above.

So, it seems, that there is something even worse than living paycheck to paycheck. And that is, running out of paycheck before running out of month before that next paycheck, and all the subsequent anecdotal results of said something.

That being said, this, as mentioned, is just an update to all my fans and peeps out there who wait with bated breath (y’right)for the next exciting installment in the project that I like to call my life.

Of course, along the way, there are always the (somewhat) entertaining debris detritus teasers that can be found on BuddhaKat the Blog. Also, there, can be found many “Coming Attractions”, in the guise of fractal art, poetry (don’t judge me – it just needs to be posted), prose, comedy and other marketable products that will soon be available (many for sale) on the  excellently designed and hosted website BuddhaKat.com.

Now, don’t be confused that your browser tab will tell you (“yoooooooouuuuuu –ou-ou-ooooou-ou-ou”) are on “ZenCart – the Art of E-commerce” website. As you’ll see, the actual site is the real BuddhaKat.com. It’s just that I am currently undercover lying low (easy to do on the wwinterwebz), so that various nefarious scoundrels (can you say bill collectors?) will never really know where/who I am. Much like the infamous Julian Assange,  and/or his (or not?) band of merry men, otherwise known as ANONYMOUS.

And, since they (ANONYMOUS) brought it up, these various nefarious ne’er do wells might also be on the lookout for that other person surnamed Russell, who, it seems may have just graduated, majoring in the PeeWee Herman course of study “How to become even more of a fool stupid popular .”

Well, folks, we (??) let this simmer for a bit and it’s time to get it off my chest…

Plus, ya see, I got this ongoing .docx for new words and I just found me a doozy of one thanks to the really hot and mad, mad man… Sir Edward Hotspur and it is Schadenfreude. Gots to go add this.

G’nite/G’day y’all.

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