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This is an article/blog I ran into today, that put a lot of things into focus for me.  Some initiatives that are prepped and ready to go – just got to get them past some stubborn elephants and donkeys.

We’ve got to create a major mindshift here. Stop doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results!!

Granted, these subjects/ideas might seem a little boring to some, maybe they don’t have the kind of glamor and polarity we need (do we?). What we really need are some good common sense folks with good intentions and the concept of a picture bigger than their own backyard to do what it takes to make some rational, reasonable changes like this happen. And then for ALL of us to roll up our sleeves and do our part.

I’m not sayin’ it will be easy. There will still have to be sacrifices, from many people on many fronts.  But, by the Universe, what else have we got that’s as solid and stable as these as these proposed initiatives. Nothing we’ve tried so far has done any good. In fact, all I can see is us back pedaling so fast, we might just travel ourselves backwards in time from all that backpedaling.

I know what else it is. The little glory hounds won’t be happy unless their blowing up some 0ther poor sop’s country cuz we want what they have. That is definitely NOT a sustainable resource based economy. And by “that”, I mean war. It seems like every time we get a little (or more) behind, our eyes get bigger than our stomachs, our britches suddenly seem WAY too small and we just gotta crack some buttheads, to make us a buck and give ourselves a boner while we’re at it.

Well, I’m here to tell you, that way has never worked. And it never will. Some of the best comebacks in history are because some hard-assed, but honest sumbitch, finally got some rocks knocked outta thier heads and realized no one else is going to do it. WE have to do it, and we have to do it soon. All those dystopian societies people seem to like writing about, or reading about, or watching movies about aren’t that far away. What hope have we if our education, our infrastructure, our social skills suddenly just don’t make a difference anymore, cuz the whole damn thing fell right out from under us. None. Just plain none.

Is that what we’re ready to face?

The only things I can see that would keep if from being effective are 1) even if proposed and promoted, if the goal. intent are not honorable and honest, forget it, and 2) the “fear” (or greed?) of the private sector to hold onto their coffers/pockets (which ), rather than think globally and reinvest some of that hard earned capital in what could actually have us pulling ourselves up by our own bootstraps, whilst creating the “pie-in-the-sky” (it doesn’t have to be a dream – we can make it happen) sustainable resource based economy. Oh and, of course, there must be honor, trust and respect all in the spirit of creating something not only for ourselves, but our other planet sharers AND all our heirs!!!

Just think how good it would feel to know we DID figure it out and made it work!!!

 So. Why aren’t we being inundated with reasons why we should encourage our lawmakers to follow through with/on these initiatives? In fact, I had no idea there were already so many good proposals even on the table, much less all laid out all nice and neat…

 It seems to me, these ideas are just as worthy of passion and promotion and even some good old fashioned honest rhetoric, as, say, what kind of undearwear Mitt and his family wear!!!

Don’t you think?

I’m gonna go see what my lawmakin’ folks think about some of the things these 2 guys spell out here. Maybe one or 2 of them will listen to/and make some sense!!

Plain old ordinary horse sense. Common sense.

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EDIT 5/15/12: here’s the comment I put up  on the post:

Come on, all y’all groaners and naysayers… what say we start with something that makes a little sense, for a change. I’d much rather be contacting my senators and representatives asking them to support something like this than, say, discussing what kind of underwear Mitt and his undead family wear!?!?!?!?
You know why we never get any changes made? Because we keep doing the same stupid things over and over and over, expecting to get different results.
Maybe these ideas are boring and mundane and not very conducive to passion – well maybe it’s time to put that passion on the back burner, where it’ll be ready to fire up our good old common sense.
I know some lawmakers that actually DO want to know what I think. And I intend to tell them I think that has a lot of meat and potatoes to it!!! (Sorry all ye Vegans! Just a figure of speech!)
Maybe it’s time for us all to roll up our sleeves and start digging in.