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Hi everybody…

I’ve got a couple things to talk about, today. There’s still some good tunes, some great fractalsΒ  πŸ˜‰ , but I’d like to share a couple things of interest, just for today…

First up, here’s a shameless promo for my brother’s Improv Comedy Club upcoming events, including a FREE IMPROV WORKSHOP. Do you Live in the Orlando area? Have you always wanted to be quicker on your feet when talking with friends, or even strangers? Improv is the way to go! Learning how to perform improv helps your brain take you to that place where you are quick and clever and witty and the life of the party!!!
Not only that, at their Comedy Club, if you book a show for an occasion like a birthday, wedding anniversary or the like, they will perform an improv set based on the events in the life of the celebratees. It’s loads of fun.
Even if you just want to catch a funny show, this group has been entertaining the Orlando area for some 35 or more years. They really ARE great. Here’s a link to the SAK Comedy Lab Newsletter. If you’re ever in Orlando and you have had your fill of the big Disney thingy, give these folks a try!! In fact, David (my brother) even wrote, directed and performed in one the of skits that plays for you while you wait in line for the JAWS ride. (That’s right – the one at Disney!)

OK, next item on the agenda today is the FractalFreaksForum. Some of us at DA have decided to work together in the interest of selling our art, promoting it, learning how and where and who are your friends and your not so much friends. We’ve only been in operation for a few weeks, but we already have a ton of topics like our founder’s new website is up and running Dsynegrafix is its name and it’s really cool.
I’ve already learned a lot about where to find the cheapest but quality places to buy canvases of my own work for one to one selling, and such. And I’ve found lots of websites that are really a great deal for the artist to display and sell their wares, from FAA to our very own DA.
Learning things at light speed, I’ve already posted some of my work to 2 new places and bulked up my Buddhakat’s Dazzling Zazzle Shoppe. AND, created a FB Fan Page for my Buddhakat Designs. So, I’m going to add a couple pages to and share the love on this blog o’ mine.

So, I’m going to create a page with links toΒ  my friends from the forum. Having joined this forum, I’ve learned the benefit of working together as opposed to being so competitive that we have to learn everything ourselves, and sometimes the hard way. Instead we’re sharing info with a like minded group of others who have maybe already checked out that website, or tried that group of art fairs, or whatever… But, I want to include YOU too. So, what I’m looking for is your artist URL, band name and website url, newest book and link to its amazon page, Goodreads url, etc. With a small thumbnail image and a brief description, if necessary.

Rather than limit it to just that small group of artists, hopefully it will grow into a grand resource page of any and all new/indie / starving artists of any genre. So, if you have a website that showcases your art, be it visual, poetry, or even a Goodreads webite for yourself, let me know the link and what it is. I’ll post it on my “Starving Artists” Page (a working title – needs work, for sure!), which is sort of already in action with my nephew’s band website.

In addition, I’m adding a page dedicated to my own work and the various places you can find it, with little thumbs of some of the fractals you have seen, some not, and even, maybe some digital art that is not even fractal based. I’m learning the ins and outs of self promotion, as an independent artist.

OK, then… enough chatter… let’s get ON with it – after all, this is FRIDAY, time for a FRACTAL FEATURE..

Safe Crackin’

Middle Earth

Elephant Tattoo











So, there you have it my fine feathered friends… I hope you have enjoyed your visit to this twilighty version of our usual FridayFractalFeature. I sure have had a ball collecting and composing it all for you!!!

Hope you have time to check out all my links… if not in one sitting, maybe two or three (some good music to bring you back)!!!Β Β Β Β  πŸ˜‰

Soooooo, have a sweet weekend… I’m off to throw down a few drinks with the girls, two of whom are the Libra birthday girls I bespoke of in an earlier post…
We’re like the older crowd now, looking for the early bird dinner specials? Only we look for the early bird happy hours!!!

We’re actually going to Joe Senser’s place, for those of you not in the know, Joe’s a MN ex-jock whose wifey got herself in a little hit-and-run-somebody-died trouble back in summer last… We think he needs our $$$$, so we’re gonna help him out by hitting happy hour at maybe the last of his popular restaurants, which seem to be disappearing/closing with magical frequency.

Soooo.. here’s to ya…….CHEERS!!!!

BIG love and BIG hugs…


Russell Sprouts = me and all my siblings!!!

I would like to introduce you all to a very special person, someone who has been an inspiration to me most of my life for his drive to follow his dream of being a “gainfully active” artist.

Ladies and germs… meet my BRO, David J Russell…

David is ten years my junior, the youngest brother in a group totaling 9 (yes, count ’em, nine) siblings (7 still alive and kicking), all sprung from the womb of our tiny (5’2″), late mom, Gloria and all sired by our laid back, late dad, Richard, both of whom always told us all to “get a REAL job”!!! I’m the eldest (chest bump) and there has always been talk that either our folks stole us from wandering gypsies, or they tried to sell us to said wandering gypsies. I’m never sure which. Trust me, that made for lots of sibling rivalry ammo during our formative years!!!

Along with the other younger brother, Patrick, eleven months David’s senior, David moved to Orlando lo these many years ago and both became part of the Disney “family”. Patrick is the IT guy, David, the artist/performer. He is responsible for the creation of many of the interesting audio skits you might hear while waiting in line (and waiting and waiting) to get into some rides or attractions at the world famous theme park. In fact, David has also done voice overs, as a character or two, in said skits. And, naturally enough, Patrick and his Web building/hosting company at the time, SNP, created the SAK website.

David has always been the ham of the family, and the only one who dared to defy the parental edict “get a real job”!!! His performing, directing and producing career came out during his days at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. This now 42 year old festival is also where David met the love of his life, the sweet Morgan.
Any of you remember MD20-20? A kosher favorite, also popular among high school kids and broke hippies, seeking substance aided alteration, especially during the 60’s and 70’s. Well I just have to say, good thing it all worked out for Morgan/David, or I’d forever have lost a perfect mnemonic memory aid for we indulgers, who suffered early and sudden bouts of Alzheimer’s, even for family member names. And even now, when the memory is more like a sieve or a colander when it comes to information.
So, they all moved to Orlando after finishing college. Orlando is where Morgan is from. Not sure what brought her up to Minnesota, but, kind of a moot point now!!!

And, to fill things out, here, in David’s own words, he tells us about himself:

About me: I am the President of SAK Theatre Co. and served as the Artistic Director and Managing Director for SAK Comedy Lab for 10 years. SAK is a 200 seat live Improv Comedy Theater in Orlando, FL.

I have a lovely and wonderful wife Morgan who also performs at SAK (and Disney’s World Showcase Players) and is the Director of Interactors at UCF for the TeachLive program. We have two awesome children, (Marina and Walker) who I just adore from head to toe.

I also serve as a Show Director for Walt Disney World Entertainment.

Contact Dave Russell
Vision Coach

David’s blogs

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  • SAK Special Events – Comedy Lab
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  • SAK on Wickiβ†’β†’β†’β†’β†’β†’β†’β†’β†’β†’β†’β†’β†’β†’β†’β†’β†’β†’β†’β†’β†’β†’β†’

    So, that, in a nutshell, is my youngest brother, David. As I mentioned, being the only Russell Sprout (as I call us) who dared defy the parental edict “GET A REAL JOB”, David has always been an inspiration to me. Their children are now putting David and Morgan through the wonder years (parenting 2 adolescents).

    So, I’ll leave you with this little vignette:I’m about 15ish, David is 5ish. I am the designated babysitter, so, of course, I am performing my duties in front of the TV, probably watching the Twilight Zone. I am totally immersed in whatever’s on TV, barely hearing in the background the sound of a wax paper bag rustling, coming from the kitchen. It probably would never have risen to my consciousness, had not David (wearing that shit-eating grin he still wears today) said to me, out of the blue, as he walked from kitchen into the living room, “I’m not eating potato chips, Janet.” (Word for word, hand to god!!!)


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