Oh YES, folks, the conspiracy wheel is spinning out of control… the “get an education” conspiracy, that is… college, HUNH! What is it good for? It’s good for keeping the unemployed hopeful and busy while there are no (and won’t be) true “jobs” or careers of interest/worth; it’s good for the “educators” / administrators to put their hands all the way into our bank accounts, so we’ll be beholding to them longer than it takes to buy a house. It’s also good for separating the educational market, such that paying $50K to get a BA from one school can do you no good when you want to go to another “school” for your doctorate by adding more education to your handsome list.. Credits transfer between schools? HA!

This attached article (Dear Class of ‘13: You’ve Been Scammed)  is ON POINT and speaks to the foolishness involved in our higher education (don’t get me started on k-12!) scam. For decades we have been encouraged to get a better education, so we can get those higher paying jobs, have a real piece of the pie. Don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain decreasing real jobs, increasing real taxes and telling us all we have to do to escape the cycle is get a degree and show the world who we are.
Yeah right!
I can’t wait to get a minimum wage job at KFC using my proudly earned and time wasting BA! Keep me busy “learning” from virtual schools and virtual educators, so I won’t notice we are still circling the drain.
God Bless America!!!


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C is for… Conspiracy Theory

E is for… Education