Seth Godin is an idea man. And a genius. And do you know what makes him a genius? He uses common sense and critical thinking. Together!!! With those skills and a mind perpetually in motion, almost everything Seth says is golden. Such that whatever the idea, whatever the focus, Seth uses an almost classic succincticity, and squeezes any subject into a sentence, maybe two, often only a paragraph. Offering it up like a magical goose, the golden eggs spill out.

Any of which could easily be expanded into an entire seminar. (Or perhaps a blog post?) With his result, all you need do is manipulate the context and you have enough content for an executive marketing strategy seminar to a self help guru’s daily/weekly TV show, and everything in between.

Here’s a short look at Seth’s inspirational perspective. The article “Still Broken” on Squidoo , while a bit more wordy than many of his shared common sense bits and pieces, blogs, postings, tweets, etc, he also has some nice big pics that clearly depict his point.

But what I really wanted to share, is the following video of his “Long Lost Broken Speech”. Hope you enjoy.

Just a little food for thought on this holiday weekend. Something to ponder, maybe have a chuckle or two, after you are all played out and your body says “STOP – let the brain have some fun for a change.”

Article “Still Broken” by Seth Godin at Squidoo.

Seth Godin’s “Long Lost Broken Speech” – video at VIMEO posted by the 2006 GELS Conference.