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TEXAS? No Thanks…

The legislature of the state of Texas is currently discussing some abortion anti-abortion laws that take away just about every right we, as women have “earned” up to this point. You see, they are not inalienable rights, they are gifts to us from the men who govern us. The ones who would that we were silent and permission seeking waifs, who in the end, know that those men know what’s right/best for us.

My sister and her family live in Texas. I have been considering if San Antonio might be a nice place to live. I’ve never lived in Texas, but I have visited and found Texas and Texans to be a friendly and genial lot.

I am now having second, third and more, thoughts about living there. This is how nice the legislature is treating women. They are denying the rights of women all over the state and seek to establish laws that make decisions about a women’s body and what goes on with it a matter of law, rather than a matter of choice. In other words, taking all rights of women to manage their own body, health and welfare out of their hands.

They seem to think that by bullying those who dare to speak out against the downright slavery they are promoting, they will quell the voices of resistance and reason by simply picking them up and removing them from the room.

Disgusting! But at least they’re doing it out in the open!

But I say hooray for Ms Slamen, who realizes that she has the privilege and the duty to speak for all TX women who are unable to attend these hearings, due to their lot in life.


MSNBC: http://www.nbcnews.com/id/45755883/ns/msnbc-the_last_word/vp/52446718#52446718
Laura Beck: http://jezebel.com/texas-house-approves-dangerous-bill-to-virtually-ban-ab-726348746
Katie JM Baker: http://jezebel.com/awesome-texas-abortion-testimony-poetry-if-my-vagina-717474146
Katie JM Baker: http://jezebel.com/special-deal-for-texas-ladies-cheap-n-easy-flea-marke-743421982

H is for another… hostage situation, involving women and our, OUR bodies.

Mother Jones

—By Stephanie Mencimer

| Mon Apr. 30, 2012 3:00 AM PDT

Doctors still require women to submit to cancer screenings and pelvic exams to get birth control pills. Scientists say that shouldn’t happen.

Recently, my doctor gave me an ultimatum: Come in for a pelvic exam, or I won’t refill your birth control pills. The problem arose after I tried to get my prescription refilled before going on vacation in March, only to be told that the doctor’s office wouldn’t sign off on the refill because it had been a year and one month since I’d had an annual exam and a Pap smear. A nurse grudgingly gave me a monthlong reprieve if I promised to come in for an exam when I returned from my trip.

I really, really didn’t want to go in for an exam. I’ve had two kids, a false positive Pap test and all the ensuing misery that comes with it, and spent enough time in the stirrups to last a lifetime. All I really wanted were my pills; I was pretty sure the exam could wait another year or more.

The science was on my side.

Just a few weeks earlier, the US Preventative Services Task Force, an independent group of national experts that makes evidence-based health care recommendations, released new guidelines declaring definitively that women over 30 don’t need a Pap smear more than once every three years unless they have a couple of risk factors, which I don’t have. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has said that birth control pills can safely be prescribed without a full-on exam….”

I hope you will take the little trip over to Mother Jones to read the rest of this EXCELLENT article…

BuddhaKat says “… and this is how we decrease the cost of health care?”

BuddhaKat says “BullShit!!!”


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VAWA Infographic

ThinkProgress – The Progress Report

VAWA = Violence Against Women Act of 1994
Republicans chose to vote against a renewal of the act, created their “own” version, leaving several affected segments out of the realm of protection. Purpose? Just to flex a little (‽‽‽‽) political muscle. A partisan move, really.

So what else is new, right‽‽‽

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These are just a few inspiring videos I found today, thanks to one of my spirit sisters… for other excellent videos please go to The Daily Beast

Nancy Pelosi: Reproductive rights

Dalia Ziada: Arab Spring in Egypt

Leymah Gbowee: Women have been “Politely” silent

and shall be no more…

Lindsay Addario: War Correspondent and new mother

Women, we must speak and act what we know to be right. Now is the time. We have been “politely” silent too long, in my eyes. At any level you may find yourself in a position to speak up and/or out for what you KNOW is right. Be it against some injustice you have witnessed, be it in a classroom where equality can be undermined as well as anywhere.
This does not mean we all have to go out and buy nice new soapboxes, but you can if you want to. Not only will you be seen better, as you stand atop it, but you will look good too!!! Kidding aside, I challenge each and every woman to LOOK for, not just wait for, but LOOK for and FIND opportunities to speak out about injustice/justice, inequality/equality, lies/truth. If not us, then who?

It is easy to speak of these things in a room where all agree with our spirit and our passion and mission.

But what about when we are out in the world.
Perhaps there is a neighbor whose husband abuses her, physically, emotionally, in any way. Can we be silent?
Perhaps there is a neighbor who is in desperate need of health care, but can’t afford a life saving procedure or prescription. Can we be silent?
Perhaps you know a woman who has found her life partner and wishes to make this known to all the world, but they pass laws against it. Can we remain silent?
Perhaps your state is trying to pass a law that makes it illegal for unionized government workers to demand more pay, instead of losing it to rising their health care costs. Or to ensure there is equal pay for equal jobs. Can we remain silent?
Perhaps there is a child in your child’s class, that is homeless. Can we be silent?

Perhaps we need to share more of the things that can and must be changed, to help awaken our other selves, the ones who are afraid to speak up, but will throw themselves in front of a child to protect him/her from the bullet she knows is coming. Passion. Awaken our passion, and we cannot be kept silent.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” may have been said by a man (Ghandi), but that doesn’t make it any less true. We need to speak the change, act the change and be the change. Now. Please.


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