Hi everyone… I just wanted to take a moment of our time to let you know Jeff Goins is running a promo (good 6/24/2012 only) on his e-book, You Are a Writer (So Start ACTING Like One) exclusively at Amazon.com.
I’m doing this all on my own and not getting anything for it. I already own the book (paid for it too) and think it’s terrific.

So if you’re interested I hope you get a chance to get your FREE e-copy today.

I’ve been subscribed to Jeff Goins’ daily blog for over a year now, and he has some really good, down to earth thoughts for all writers of any level. I’m impressed. It all seems so simple, yet that’s the beauty of it! It makes total sense!!!

Love to hear what you think, if you order it (or of you already own it). Even a one word thought/review is terrific. You can email me at kppput@yahoo.com. I’d love to hear from you.

and for your listening pleasure today…
LOVE the bass… LOVE IT!!!



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