PLEASE FORGIVE THE APPARENT TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES… I will make sure this published in FULL today!!!


Oh my goodness, I can’t believe how this week has flown right by me… it seems like only yesterday (actually, it was) that I was thinking about my friday-fractal-follies-festival post, wondering if I had enough fractals ready and straining my brain for some good music with which to set the mood… lots of time, I said to myself, it’s early in the week and there’s plenty of time, so I went after a little catchup around the blogosphere, got hardly anywhere, it seems, because I am still soooo far behind… hmmm… is that the longest sentence ever, or what!?!?!?

So, here we are, and, though I do have today’s fractals ready, I must hunt for some more “related” pings. In the meantime, here are a couple things to occupy your attention span.

First, many of you have already seen, Red‘s trailer vid to promo her upcoming book “Mantra for a Muse” (book available 09/01/2012) and it is DYNOMITE!!! Even if you’ve seen the trailer, it’s worth listening to Cat again – she has an angelic voice!!! (Not to mention her lyrical and compositional skills!)

And, I’d like to thank Morgan of The First Gates for guiding me to this next vid/tune. I have been thinking of Knopfler and Dire Straits almost every day for a couple weeks now, so this is exactly what I needed for today’s post… (spoiler – Eric Clapton is backing up Mark K by playing rhythm guitar!!!)

all righty… and now, let’s see what the fractal bucket has produced for us today…


Mantra Entwined




Of course, special credit to LizzieC for her beautiful renderings of Mantra, which I have added to a couple more fractals here.

Finally, I just want to give an update on my upcoming book (working title: My Fractal Dreams – a reference to fractals and, in part, to a Philip K Dick story about androids and dreams). It is moving along nicely, I am excited beyond description, that something from my bucket list can be crossed off. I have way more than enough images – now I have to start cutting some – that will be the hardest part!!! Stay tuned!!!

So, thanks, as always, for stopping by for some fractal love to get your weekend going. I can only hope you experience even just a touch of the pure joy it is for me to create these fractal based images.

Metta love,



revoltastateofzen: Magic Dragon

The Collect Call of Troythulu: Planet of the Fractals